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History of Computer Essay: how the evolution should be delivered

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History of Computer Essay: What could go wrong?

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History of Computers Essay

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A bibliography can be considered as a list of works done by some other authors that is much relevant to an article or a book. It is listed at the bottom usually or in the last of the work or task. Bibliographies are very useful because they are not only used to give credit to the sources used in any particular compilation or paper; for the reader, they also convey valuable information to use for future research on the similar or same topic.

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While considering any academic career, short essays are an inevitable part of it, whether it is at school, at college, or in later stage. Being a crucial portion of the education process, it is strange that very seldom tutorials or classes are there on how to write and structure a best short essay.

You should look on some salient features and points, which you must be kept in your mind whenever it is necessary to write a short essay. Including the essentials vocabulary and grammatical requirements, other factors are there which are necessary to create a great, solid short essay. It was based on the MOS and it also had fast color graphics. The Commodore was a cheap computer for the features it had and people all around the world bought it. Later in , Apple came out with a new computer called the Macintosh.

It had Kb of RAM, it also had a 3. It was a bit processor and it also contained 60, transistors and had 16 registers. It came with a lot more ram or Kb and new floppy disks drives which could hold up to 1. It was first color computer by Macintosh. The color was 8 bit deep and it was also available in bit. The screen resolution went up to x and it had RAM of 64 Mb.

It had a Motorola processor with FPU. The Macintosh II was not a popular computer, customers complained about the price being too high. The NeXT had some faults to it. So it was so expensive for the consumers to by it and the use of wrong type of language. In , Intel Pentium Processor began developing and went through the industry faster than any of the previous processors by Intel.

In , Apple introduced a new computer known as the Power Macintosh. On August 24 , Microsoft came out with Windows Which became very popular and it was affordable for many of the families. It had full networking support; it included tolls for accessing the Internet. The operating system was bit, which helped in improving the performance of the computer. Windows 95 were being advertised everywhere.

They were being advertised on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, billboards and many other places. The PC industry became very popular when Windows 95 was releases because it was affordable and easy to use.

The hard drive space also went up a lot to GB. Which was a big improvement from the previous computers. However, operation of these computers required extensive intelligence and manpower resources. The average person could not have fathomed trying to operate and use these million dollar processors. The United States was attributed the title of pioneering the computer.

It was not until the early 's that nations such as Japan and the United Kingdom started utilizing technology of their own for the development of the computer. This resulted in newer components and smaller sized computers. The use and operation of computers had developed into a form that people of average intelligence could handle and manipulate without to much ado.

When the economies of other nations started to compete with the United States, the computer industry expanded at a great rate. Prices dropped dramatically and computers became more affordable to the average household. Like the invention of the wheel, the computer is here to stay. The operation and use of computers in our present era of the 's has become so easy and simple that perhaps we may have taken too much for granted. Almost everything of use in society requires some form of training or education.

Many people say that the predecessor to the computer was the typewriter. The typewriter definitely required training and experience in order to operate it at a usable and efficient level. Children are being taught basic computer skills in the classroom in order to prepare them for the future evolution of the computer age. The history of computers started out about years ago, at the birth of the abacus, a wooden rack holding two horizontal wires with beads strung on them.

When these beads are moved around, according to programming rules memorized by the user, all regular arithmetic problems can be done. Another important invention around the same time was the Astrolabe, used for navigation. Blaise Pascal is usually credited for building the first digital computer in It added numbers entered with dials and was made to help his father, a tax collector.

In , Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz invented a computer that was built in It could add, and, after changing some things around, multiply. Leibnitz invented a special stopped gear mechanism for introducing the addend digits, and this is still being used.

The prototypes made by Pascal and Leibnitz were not used in many places, and considered weird until a little more than a century later, when Thomas of Colmar A. Charles Xavier Thomas created the first successful mechanical calculator that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A lot of improved desktop calculators by many inventors followed, so that by about , the range of improvements included: Accumulation of partial results, storage and automatic reentry of past results A memory function , and printing of the results.

Each of these required manual installation. These improvements were mainly made for commercial users, and not for the needs of science. While Thomas of Colmar was developing the desktop calculator, a series of very interesting developments in computers was started in Cambridge, England, by Charles Babbage of which the computer store "Babbages" is named , a mathematics professor.

In , Babbage realized that many long calculations, especially those needed to make mathematical tables, were really a series of predictable actions that were constantly repeated. From this he suspected that it should be possible to do these automatically. He began to design an automatic mechanical calculating machine, which he called a difference engine.

By , he had a working model to demonstrate. Financial help from the British Government was attained and Babbage started fabrication of a difference engine in It was intended to be steam powered and fully automatic, including the printing of the resulting tables, and commanded by a fixed instruction program. The difference engine, although having limited adaptability and applicability, was really a great advance.

Babbage continued to work on it for the next 10 years, but in he lost interest because he thought he had a better idea; the construction of what would now be called a general purpose, fully program-controlled, automatic mechanical digital computer.

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The History of Computers Essay - The History of Computers In order to fully understand the history of computers and computers in general, it is important to understand what it is exactly that lead up to the invention of the computer. After all, there was a time when the use of laptops, P.C.s, and other machines was unthinkable.

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The history of computers is short but very complicated. Computers have been through lot of changes throughout the past half-century. They also affect our.

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Hardly anything defines modern life better than the computer. Whether we like it or not, computers have infiltrated every aspect of our society. Today computers do much more than simply compute. For instance: supermarket scanners calculate our bill while keeping store inventory, computerized /5(3). The history of computers can be divided into generations, roughly defined by technological advances, which led to improvements in design, efficiency, and ease of use. First Generation Computers ()- As the Second World War was about to start, governments sought to develop computers to exploit their potential strategic .

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The history of computers started out about years ago, at the birth of the abacus, a wooden rack holding two horizontal wires with beads strung on them. When these beads are moved around, according to programming rules memorized by the user, all regular arithmetic problems can be done. Essay about History of the Computer Words | 5 Pages History of the Computer The first devices that resemble modern computers date to the midth century (around - ), although the computer concept and various machines similar to .