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Why NYU? The Complete Guide to Answering the NYU Supplemental Essay.

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NYU Essay Requirements
Essay 2: Personal Expression
Admissions Rate: 35%

I climbed into the back seat and folded the seats down to unveil the small entry into the trunk. I placed my feet on the dashboard and squeezed my way through the hole.

With my right hand I reached out and immediately I felt mesh cloth, quickly realizing that it was my basketball jersey. I reached further and my fingers came upon cold metal, evoking a feeling of relief. To return to the Homepage, click here. Link to the Official Facebook Page: Link to the Official Blog Page: NYU will contact you if you are invited. Applicants cannot request interviews. Please only send supplementary materials DVDs, pictures, articles, etc.

If you are applying to a program that requires an audition or portfolio see Step 2 of the application instructions. Applicants with a previous criminal conviction. Please review our admission philosophy and process. NYU has a strict policy on application authenticity and working with agents or third parties.

Professional Aspirations word maximum Why do you wish to pursue this degree? What do you see yourself doing professionally upon graduation? Personal Expression Describe yourself to the Admissions Committee and to your future classmates using six images and corresponding captions. Your uploaded PDF should contain all of the following elements: A brief introduction or overview of your personal expression no more than 3 sentences.

Six images that help illustrate who you are. A one-sentence caption for each of the six images that helps explain why they were selected and are significant to you.

Essay 1: Professional Aspirations

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NYU offers a (limited) window to submit anything that might be missing from your application. Equal Opportunity. NYU prohibits any form of discrimination in our admission process.

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From everyone here at CollegeVine, we wish you the best of luck writing your NYU essay! Want help on your NYU application or essay? Learn about our College Apps Program and Essay Editing Program. How to Write the New York University Essays ;.

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I need to start thinking about my admissions essay to NYU considering i am hoping on getting some financial aid, even though i know they are known for giving. Undergraduate Admissions New York. Abu Dhabi. Shanghai. Undergraduate Admissions Majors and Programs Life at NYU Studying Abroad Aid and Costs How to Apply Visit NYU Questions NYU Admissions Blog. Stay up to date on life at NYU and the application process.

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In this essay, the admissions committee wants to understand what your goals are as a physician and how you see yourself in society. In addition to just listing what you want to do, you should use this essay to explain why you see yourself in that role and how you plan to help your community (wherever that may be). How to Write the Perfect New York University Application Essay in You’ll want to remind the reader of your entrepreneurial aspirations and the way that NYU could help you make connections and network to get into the fashion world. Conclusion. So there you have it! Simple steps and tips to guide your way through the essay part of the.