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What was the White Australia Policy, and how does it still affect us now?

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❶Post your questions in the comments section below. When was the White Australia policy abolished?

The beginning of the end of the White Australia policy

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Displays of pride met with hostility
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The silver medallist, Australian Peter Norman, supported them and his career also suffered as a result. She was not the last athlete to be rebuked for such a show of pride. That a proud Aboriginal man can divide the nation by performing an Aboriginal celebration on the footy field is a sobering reminder of how far reconciliation in this country has to go.

For Australia to be a genuinely global nation it needs to change its self-understanding, the belief that there is only one valid culture in Australia. The support now being displayed for Goodes is heartening. But Australia would be richer if, instead of engaging in denigration and denial of the contribution of Indigenous culture to the nation, we embraced expressions of Indigeneity as an opportunity.

These need to go beyond gestures of inclusiveness to a mature and informed debate about whose space this is, who has the right to express themselves in it, what is positive or problematic in both black and white culture and how we can all learn from one another. Post your questions in the comments section below. Write an article and join a growing community of more than 72, academics and researchers from 2, institutions.

While Adam Goodes is the public face of the debate, almost any Indigenous Australian can speak of the day-by-day experience of a lack of respect for who they are.

Hear what Indigenous people have to say Much of the media coverage has centred on the question of whether the booing of Goodes is racially motivated, but the issue goes beyond racism to the question of the place of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Australia. Can you apply for the Germany resident ship when you get married to a German in another country? Why refugees and immigrants from the Islamic World choose Europe as destination and not other Islamic countries who are economically good?

If undocumented latina has a baby while in detention do the baby be US Citizen? Is a Philippian Bachelors Degree useful in the West? How can I retire from US to Italy? Is it ok if i move to Germany to earn money for a year and then come back and continue with college? The White Paper hints at this, politely, by observing that Australia and China have "different interests, values and political and legal systems". Some of the friction is obvious. Diplomats in Canberra accuse China of trampling on international law in its territorial disputes with neighbouring countries in the South China Sea.

They've also privately blamed the Chinese Government for cyber attacks against Australian institutions, and say it has made aggressive attempts to build up its influence within the Chinese community in Australia.

The White Paper doesn't delve into this directly. But it talks a lot about how we can try to shape our relationship with Beijing as China continues to gain heft. The paper says we should expand military exercises with Chinese forces, where possible. We need to keep on expanding our diplomatic footprint there. Australia already has good access to the Chinese leadership and the White Paper says keeping this up will be crucial. The paper says Australia also needs to do everything it can to convince China, and the US, that their interests are served by further liberalising their economies, and playing by the rules which have governed the region for decades.

Its authors hammer home their message clearly: They also suggest Australia could play a role as an honest broker, defusing conflicts between the two giants. But the paper also recognises Australia's capacity to shape events outside its borders is limited.

There a real risk that the US-China rivalry spirals into a conflict. A stable and peaceful Asia is "not assured". Or as the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull puts it in the paper's introduction — "Australia must be sovereign, not reliant. After all, the Asian Century is not China's alone. The White Paper points out that countries like Indonesia and India are also growing rapidly and will be big players in the near future.

Australia is already building an increasingly complex web of strategic partnerships and dialogues with major Asian countries — many of whom are equally wary about China's behaviour. Officials insist these groups are not about containing China — but there's no doubt that the "shared vision" of the future is not the one shared by some in Beijing.

The White Paper recognises that if Australia wants to secure open markets, freedom of navigation and international law in the region, then it needs Asian partners — and Asian democracies — who want the same thing.

Finally, the White Paper mounts a full-throated defence of an idea which has taken a battering across the West in recent years — free trade. The paper lists all the free trade deals Australia has entered in recent years — and makes it clear the Government will keep on pushing for new agreements. A new deal with Indonesia is the top priority. Economic protectionism is resurgent in the US and Europe. In Australia, the bipartisan consensus that free trade is a good idea is fraying around the edges.

But the White Paper's authors insist Australia must keep on trading. It says we are an export nation and that's where our success lies. First posted November 23, If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

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The final official barriers against immigrants on the basis of their race were removed in by which time the white Australia' policy had been formally dismantled.. DEFINITION. The White Australia Policy was an immigration policy perused in Australia between and the late 's to exclude non-European migrants/5(7).

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The White Australia Policy (WAP), and its eventual repeal, played a significant role in shaping Australia in the twentieth century. The White Australia Policy describes Australia's prejudiced approach to immigration, from federation until the late twentieth century.

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The White Australia Policy restricted non-white immigration and promoted white, European immigration. It was carried out through two main policies, the Immigration restriction act which only allowed non whites in after they had passed a dictation test in a european language of the officers choice. White Australia Policy Essays: Over , White Australia Policy Essays, White Australia Policy Term Papers, White Australia Policy Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Order plagiarism free custom written essay.

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White australia policy essay. White people of the united states would begin a reality and the midth century. A quarterly arts journal published in 3 hours. White Australia Policy. From the outset of federation, Australia immediately constructed what has been termed the �White Australia Policy’. This consisted of attempts to keep Australia’s image to the rest of the world as a white European society, devoid of any other colors and ethnicities/5(1).