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Instructions for preparing an initial manuscript

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Format and style of main manuscript
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Avoid the use of light lines and screen shading. Instead, use black-and-white, hatched, and cross-hatched designs for emphasis. Units should be included in parentheses. If there is room, write out variables — e. Variables are always set in italics or as plain Greek letters e. The rest of the text in the figure should be plain or bold text. When figures are assembled from multiple gels or micrographs, a line or space should indicate the border between two original images.

Use capital letters for part labels in multipart figures — A, B, C, etc. These should be 9 pt and bold in the final figure. When possible, place part labels at the upper left-hand corner of each figure part; if a part is an image, set labels inside the perimeter so as not to waste space. Avoid subpart labels within a figure part; instead, maintain the established sequence of part labels [e. If use of subpart labels is unavoidable, use lowercase letters a, b, c. Use numbers 1, 2, 3 only to represent a time sequence of images.

When reproducing images that include labels with illegible computer-generated type e. Sequences may be reduced considerably, so the typeface in the original should be clear. There should be about characters and spaces per line for a sequence occupying the full width of the printed page and about 84 characters and spaces per line for a sequence occupying two columns.

Modification of figures Science does not allow certain electronic enhancements or manipulations of micrographs, gels, or other digital images. Figures assembled from multiple photographs or images, or non-concurrent portions of the same image, must indicate the separate parts with lines between them. Linear adjustment of contrast, brightness, or color must be applied to an entire image or plate equally. Nonlinear adjustments must be specified in the figure legend.

Selective enhancement or alteration of one part of an image is not acceptable. In addition, Science may ask authors of papers returned for revision to provide additional documentation of their primary data. For journal articles , list initials first for all authors, separated by a space e. Journal titles are in italics; volume numbers follow, in boldface. If there is no volume number, use the publication year in its place.

Do not place a comma before the volume number or before any parentheses. You may provide the full inclusive pages of the article. If the publication is online only, use the article number or citation number instead of the page.

Journal years are in parentheses: End each listing with a period. After the title, provide in parentheses the publisher name, edition number if any , and year.

If the book is part of a series, indicate this after the title e. The chapter title may be provided before the book title; enclose chapter titles in quotes and use initial caps. For monographs, memos, or reports , the style for author or editor names is as above. The title should be in quotes and should have initial caps. After the title, provide in parentheses the report number if applicable , publisher name, and year.

If these are unavailable, or if the work is unpublished, please provide all information needed for a reader to locate the work; this may include a URL or a Web or FTP address. Monographs in series such as AGU Monogr. For unpublished proceedings or symposia , supply the title of meeting, location, inclusive dates, and sponsoring organization. Also include the abstract number if applicable. There is no need to supply the total page count. Name the city if the university could be mistaken for another.

It is optional to include the thesis title. For research first published in Science First Release, online journals, and preprints available on the Internet , see the examples below. These are considered published work. Tang, On the equilibrium partial pressures of nitric acid and ammonia in the atmosphere. Nedergaard, Sodium-independent active transport of potassium in the isolated midgut of the Cecropia silkworm.

Sleep, Stagnant lid convection and carbonate metasomatism of the deep continental lithosphere. Wiley, , vol. The title of the thesis may be provided in quotes after the author name. Smith, [Article title goes here]. After print publication of a Science First Release paper or any other paper that was initially published online , use the standard format for citing journal articles: Science , — Nizet, Pathogen microevolution in high resolution. Larremore, Systematic inequality and hierarchy in faculty hiring networks.

Format and style of main manuscript Format and style of supplementary material Preparation of figures Science Citation Style Information on manuscript types, including length constraints, can be found on our general information for authors page.

Manuscripts should be assembled in the following order: Titles should be no more than 96 characters including spaces. Short titles should be no more than 40 characters including spaces. These should be a maximum of characters and should complement rather than repeat the title Authors and their affiliated institutions, linked by superscript numbers, should be listed beneath the title on the opening page of the manuscript. Back to Top Format and Style of Supplementary Materials Supplementary Materials SM are posted permanently at the Science web sites, are linked to the manuscript, and are freely available.

In general the Supplementary Materials may comprise Materials and Methods: Back to Top Preparation of Figures Creating your figures It is best to create your figures as vector-based files such as those produced by Adobe Illustrator. Panels should be set close to each other, and common axis labels should not be repeated. You may choose various sources to help with your academic paper: Book or textbook any written piece found in print, or online as digital e-book.

There are two types of this source: You can watch the titles on websites like Amazon and insert available data in our APA format reference generator to get a proper in-text quote.

Magazine — this source can be print or online as well. It is a known material published periodically. It focuses on the particular topics of interest. Newspaper — periodical publication monthly, weekly, or even daily that includes all recent events, news, shocking articles, and interviews.

Website — an online archive of pages that contains valuable information on specific subject. Journal scientific or academic — a scholarly work also published from time to time. Unlike newspapers or magazine articles, it necessarily involves detailed research and analysis.

You may use one of the journals as the sample for your research paper or dissertation. You can cite even YouTube videos, but many students do not know how to do this without APA reference generator. APA referencing style along with Chicago and Harvard is used for the following types of academic papers: Direct quotations that are more than 4 lines long should be set off from the rest of your paper by use of narrower margins and single spaced lines.

If you have more than one source by the same author published in the same year, distinguish them both in the in-text citation and in the reference list, by appending the letters a, b, c If your source of information is from a personal verbal communication, you would use the following format for the first citation from that person:. If your source of information is from written correspondence a letter or e-mail , you would substitute the word "written" for the word "personal" above, and you would add the date of the letter if dated.

Personal communications are generally not included in the References Cited or Bibliography section, although unpublished papers, reports or manuscripts should be. If your source of information has no individual identifiable author, use the name of the organization to which the work can be attributed in place of the author's name:.

For internet sources without any identifiable author or date, simply use the URL address as the in-text citation:. Your list of References Cited should include all of the references you cited in your paper, and no more! It should be arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you have more than one entry by the same author, they should be further ordered by increasing publication date more recent papers last. If you have multiple sources from a single author published in the same year, distinguish them both in the in-text citation and in the reference list, by appending the letters a, b, c You should include enough information that your readers will be able to find these sources on their own.

The exact format is not critical, but consistency and completeness is. Reference lists are generally reverse-indented--this just helps the reader to find references to specific authors that much faster.

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Citation Machine™ helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite your journal article in American Psychological Association 6th edition format for free. Make sure your paper is error-free! Good job citing! Now get peace of mind. Scan your paper for grammar mistakes and catch unintentional plagiarism.

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Though Scientific Style and Format now uses citation–sequence for its own references, each system is widely used in scientific publishing. Consult your publisher to determine which system you will need to follow. Paper presented at: VIIP Proceedings of the 3rd IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image. Automatically generate an AMA-style citation using this tool.

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Science Reference Style Citations in the Supplementary Materials can cite papers already cited in the main paper by number. We will include the full reference list online. For citations. Journal (scientific or academic) – a scholarly work also published from time to time. Unlike newspapers or magazine articles, it necessarily involves detailed research and analysis. There are also various sections in APA style paper. Our APA in text citation generator takes care of the most crucial part which is Bibliography. In MLA and.