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Loyalty Ladder

Definition: Customer Loyalty Ladder

❶He is a much in demand passionate professional speaker, business educator, author and corporate, business advisor. Hence it is worth for any organization to keep its existing customers happy and satisfied in order to do a more profitable business.

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The ladder of customer loyalty is about the different loyalty relationships customers have with are five steps in the ladder of customer loyalty, each step represents one type of customer based on their loyalty to the business.

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The idea is to move your prospect along the loyalty ladder to the point where there are partner. Marketing activities support relationships with external customers. So there will be directly indications and measurement of the results between the marketer and the customer as he or she moves along the loyalty ladder.

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While the customer segment implies the making of the actual sale, between the customer and the advocate a business has to be able to develop the relationship with the already existing customer. Thus, even the customer loyalty ladder can be divided in two stages. It is a great idea to have a rewards program in your business for sales team members who move customers up the loyalty ladder. Having different levels of service for different customers is another helpful factor. It is the systems, technology and right attitude that, when in place, will take your company to new levels of customer relationship.

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The concept of Customer Loyalty Ladder comes under relationship marketing and brand management which deals with establishing long term relations with customers. It is said that the cost of attracting new customers is times more than that of doing business with existing customers. THE LADDER OF LOYALTY The ladder of loyalty shows the different stages through which a prospect becomes a customer, a client and finally a partner. Prospect: The prospect is an individual in a retail market or an organization in the business market, which fulfils the requirement of the marketer¶s definition of target.5/5(1).