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❶As my friends and I spent the second half of the summer absorbed by the game, my parents grinned knowingly. Another more recent interest of mine is the fascinating realm of business.

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Nothing in all the world is comparable to reading Ayn Rand beneath New York's skyline or to studying Nietzsche atop a mountain summit. Since childhood, the studies of philosophy and science have interested me profoundly. Having read many books on relativity, quantum mechanics, existentialism, religion, capitalism, democracy and post-Aristotelian philosophy, my quest for knowledge has only intensified.

Certainly, the purpose of my life is to discover a greater understanding of the universe and its people. Specifically, I plan to better grasp the interrelationship among forces, matter, space, and time. In addition, I hope to find a unified field theory and a convincing explanation for the birth of the universe. My attendance of the New Jersey Governor's School in the Sciences is another accomplishment that exemplifies my dedication to knowledge.

During the summer following eleventh grade, I took courses in molecular orbital theory, special relativity, cognitive psychology, and I participated in an astrophysics research project. With the angular velocity determined, I used Einstein's field equations and Kepler's laws to place an upper bound on the magnitude of thecosmological constant, which describes the curvature of space and the rate of the universe's expansion.

Also, as president of the National Honor Society, I tutor students with difficulties in various subject areas. As student council president, I have begun a biweekly publication of student council activities and opinions.

Also, the executive board under my direction has opened the school store for the first time in nearly a decade and is finding speakers to speak at a series of colloquia on topics ranging from physics to politics. Directing fund raisers and charity drives also consumes much of my time. Consistent with my love of freedom and my belief in democracy, which is best summarized by Hayek's Road to Serfdom, I have recently initiated an application to become the liaison to the local board of education.

Also, in keeping with my belief that individuals develop strong principles and ideology, I teach Sunday school three months a year and have chaperoned for a local Christian school. Outside pure academics and leadership roles, I lift weights five times a week for an hour each day. In addition, I play singles for my school's varsity tennis team. Because I find extraordinary satisfaction in nature and have dedicated my life to its understanding, I enjoy mountain climbing.

Among the notable peaks I have reached are Mt. Washington, Mt Jefferson, Mt. Unquestionably, my life's aim is to dramatically raise the height of the mountain of knowledge so that my successors may have a more accurate view of the universe around them. On one hot late-summer day when I was in high school, my parents came back from a shopping trip with a surprise present for me: At first I scoffed at such an old-fashioned game. Who would want to waste glorious sunny days moving armies around a map of pre-World War I Europe, pretending to be Bismarck or Disraeli?

But after playing the game once, I became absolutely riveted by the nuances of statecraft, and soon began losing sleep as I tried to craft clever diplomatic gambits, hatch devious schemes, and better understand the game's ever-changing dynamics.

As my friends and I spent the second half of the summer absorbed by the game, my parents grinned knowingly. How could I resist being fascinated with Diplomacy, they asked me, when I incessantly read about international affairs, and liked nothing more than debating politics over dinner? How could I resist being fascinated, when I had spent most of my summers in Greece and, much more briefly, France and England , witnessing first-hand the ways in which countries differ socially, culturally, and politically?

Though my passion for foreign policy and international affairs undoubtedly dates back to high school, I never had the chance to fully develop this interest before college.

Once I arrived at Harvard, however, I discovered that I could learn about international relations through both my academics and my extracurricular activities. Academically, I decided to concentrate in Government, and, within Government, to take classes that elucidated the forces underlying the relations of states on the world stage. Some of the most memorable of these classes included Human Rights, in which we discussed what role humanitarian concerns ought to play in international relations; Politics of Western Europe, in which I learned about the social, economic, and political development of five major European countries; and Causes and Prevention of War, which focused on unearthing the roots of conflict and finding out how bloodshed could have been avoided.

Currently, for my senior thesis, I am investigating the strange pattern of American human rights-based intervention in the post-Cold War era, and trying to determine which explanatory variables are best able to account for it. Interestingly, I think that I have learned at least as much about international relations through my extracurriculars in college as I have through my classes. As a committee director at these conferences, I researched topics of global importance e.

Even more enriching for me than directing these committees was taking part in them myself. France on the Security Council. Thankfully, I have also found time over the past few years to cultivate interests and skills unrelated to Model UN and foreign policy.

One of the most important of these has been community service. As a volunteer for Evening With Champions, an annual ice-skating exhibition held to raise money for children with cancer, and as a teacher of a weekly high school class on current events and international affairs, I have, whenever possible, used my time and talents to benefit my community.

Another more recent interest of mine is the fascinating realm of business. Since then, I have avidly followed the stock market, and become very interested in how businesses interact and respond to strategic threats perhaps because of the similarities between business competition and the equally cutthroat world of diplomatic realpolitik.

Can be personally or academically and finally, conclude by relating this experience to your goals your desire for becoming a National Merit Scholar. Organize brainstorming for essay topics to get other peoples insight, and then edit your final product. National merit essay vary in subject. However, most of them talk about personal experience. Tips that will guide you write a personal merit essay. Tips that will guide you write a personal merit essay Have subject matter that you can understand better as it is the most important aspect of your essay.

Give yourself time to brainstorm the ideas as this will help you consider the find a subject you had not considered at first. Discuss major accomplishments, and why you consider them accomplishments.

Do not limit yourself to accomplishments you have been formally recognized for only. The best interesting essays often are based on accomplishments that were achieved sometimes back, but become crucial when placed in the context of your life. This comes to pass only when the scholarship committee receives a list of your credentials. Disclose any quality, or skills that distinguish you from others. Consider your favorite books that may have influenced your life in a meaningful way.

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The National Merit competition uses a Selection Index that is based on your Reading, Math, and Writing test scores, so mastering all three sections is key. Take control of your learning and study with practice questions and sample tests.

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The essay topic for the National Merit Application is pretty broad, so I was wondering if you guys could help guide me in the right direction for it. The topic is: In your own words, describe your personal characteristics, accomplishments, plans, and goals.

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The essay really is more of a formality. Do a good job on it, but do't lose sleep over it. Most semi-finalists will move on to be finalists. The folks who become NM Scholars are the ones with the highest PSAT and SAT scores. Your essay will not help you or hurt in this area. The National Merit Semifinalist cutoffs for the class of are now final, and they confirm Compass’ analysis that there would be widescale increases. Forty-six .