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A Bad Day in My Life - Essay

(Paragraph Writing : Narrative Paragraph) The Worst Day in My Life

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Worst day of my Life Essay Sample

Re: (Paragraph Writing : Narrative Paragraph) The Worst Day in My Life
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You are now the man of the family, if your mother and sister see you upset they will become even more upset. I know this is a lot of weight on your shoulders but you will have to turn into a man at a young age to provide and help your family. After I understood everything that happened I stayed at my grandmother's house for closure. It killed me just being in the house where all my grandfather's possessions were, and walking past his empty spot on the bed.

I and my grandmother talked again after the first day when I was calm, and she explained everything very well to me and with some nice words because she knew how important he was to me. I had to go back. My sister answered the phone and she was crying so I asked her what was wrong and she didn't say anything she just said, "I'm coming to pick you up from school right now. When my mom finally arrived home she immediately yelled, "Get in the car now because we have to talk!

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Member Info Native Language: I practice my writing skill by myself and this is my first task. Please help me check the grammar, spelling and revising my writing. I'd be grateful if you help me When I was 15 years old, I had three very lovely kittens in my house; they were like my only friends. I always spent my free time to look after them attentively.

One day, I woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. My heart was beating as though it was going to explode and my body was full of sweat.

While I was on the way, the nightmare popped up on my mind again, and then followed by thinking of my kittens. I cannot concentrate on the class because I was unreasonably concerned about my kittens.

Kaew came to her car and drove the car. At last, they were dead by those wheels. I had just ten minutes to board the bus for school. I scrambled from bed and finished my daily chores in a jiffy. I had barely got dressed when the blaring horn of the bus sounded. Clutching my bag, I hounded out of the driveway but to my dismay the bus was nowhere in sight.

Rushing hack I entreated my father to drop me to school in his car. He grudgingly agreed, after giving me a pep talk on being so careless. I reached school about twenty minutes late, being immediately ticked off by the monitor and asked to stay back after school as punishment.

I took this in my stride, cursing my ill stars for the humiliation. On reaching my class I took my seat and settled down to face the test. The question paper left me dumbstruck. I pinched myself to see whether I was in my senses. I glanced at my watch, it was indeed the first of September and the test slated was not English but Maths.

The earth seemed to slip beneath me, as I tried to come to terms with this catastrophe.

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The Worst Day of My Life Essay My Day - Personal Narrative Essay My Day - Personal Narrative It is said that is the number of the beast.

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In brief, the day when I lost my grandfather was the worst day in my life. We will write a custom essay sample on The Worst Day of my Life specifically for you for only $ $/page. The Worst Day of My Life Essay My Life - Words Life is a word so commonly used that we as people tend to overlook how descriptive and detailed life truly is.

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My Day August 16, was the worst day of my life! I can never forget how I felt and how I delt with my parents getting a divorce on the first day of first. It was the worst day of my life. I really had no attention of getting caught but unfortunately it was one of my unlucky days. The morning of July 16th was sunny and clear in New Delhi, the sun was glowing on his full height; the school ground was full of grade seven kids running around and playing.