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The heart of the above method is right next, where we use the filter … method of the dataArray array. As its name says, it filters the data according to what we ask from it in the closure body, and stores the matching elements to the filteredArray array.

Each country string in the source array is represented by the country parameter value of the closure. That method checks if the searched term the searchString value exists in the current country, and if so it returns its range NSRange in the country string.

As the closure expects a Bool value to be returned, all we have to do is to return the comparison result between the rangeOfString … return value and the NSNotFound value. At the end, we reload the tableview data, so it displays the filtered countries. As you understand, what I presented right above is just an approach among many, and obviously it can be refined or modified with the functionality you desire each time.

Now run the application to test our new additions. Use both the search and cancel buttons, and see how the app reacts. At this point, the first part of the tutorial is over. Customizing the search controller and the search bar does not really consist of a difficult process, as all you have to do is to subclass both of them and write the custom functionality and logic that you wish.

Get finished with the new file creation, and then select it to open it. As you see, we set the parameter frame value as the search bar frame, and we store both the font and the text color for later use.

This command results to a search bar with a translucent background and opaque search field. A search bar is not a single control that is parted only from a textfield the search field. On the contrary, the search bar has a UIView view as a subview, and that view has two important subviews among others: The search field actually a subclass of the UITextField class , and the search field background view. To make it more clear, if you type this in the following custom function:.

The above is simple, and in alignment to what I explained right before. Now the custom search bar is ready. So, initially create a new file as described previously, but this time make sure to set the UISearchController value in the Subclass of: Once the file gets created, select it in the Project Navigator to open it. At the top of the class declare a custom search bar property:. As you see in the first line above, we make use of the custom initializer we created in the custom search bar.

The rest is easy: Of course, you can change or add properties as per your demands. Further than that, we set a placeholder text for the search field, and then we set it to the tableview header to display it. In the viewDidLoad method now, we have to do two things: To call the above function and to prevent the default search controller from appearing:. However, now we are able to see the custom search bar, so launch the app to do that.

Go in the configureSearchBar … function, and add the next line:. At this point we can add the missing search bar delegate functions, and call each time the proper delegate function of the CustomSearchControllerDelegate. All the above functions will inform the ViewController class when the search begins, ends, or the search string is changed.

They would deliver both on the mound and at the plate. Frew would have another 2 hits game and would drive in 3 runs.

The OC offense capitalized on 12 walks and would win the game in 7 innings. The pitching staff led the league in ERA and gave up the least amount of hits. The Offense led the league in triples and homeruns, slugging percentage, walks, On-Base percentage and set a new team record for stolen bases with The Semi-final and Final will be played on Sunday.

The first two games of the series were played in Kelowna last Friday, the away games in Chilliwack were supposed to be played on Saturday but were moved to Tuesday as weather forced a rescheduling.

He would throw 7 innings, giving up 7 hits, and gave up just 2 earned runs. Cole Parussini Senior, Vancouver, BC would come in relief for the last two innings and would struggle to keep the lead the Coyotes had going into the 9th.

He would allow 4 runs in the 9th to make the score He would drive a ball deep enough to right field to allow Fischer to tag up at third and score the winning run. Game two would see the OC defense struggle as they would commit 7 errors. Aiden Mordecai Soph, Cloverdale, BC would start on the mound, and while giving up 7 runs, only one would be an earned run due to all the errors behind him. The offenses for both teams would capitalize on walks and errors throughout the game.

Todosichuk would continue his good offensive season racking up 3 hits and 2 RBI, and Jared Dulaba Senior, Port Coquitlam, BC would add to his stellar final season with 2 hits including his 6th double of the season.

He would also drive in 2 runs and come around to score 3 times. In relief on the mound, Brandon Becking Senior, Coquitlam, BC would get little help behind him and would give up 5 runs, 3 earned, in just one inning of work. With the score now in the bottom of the 7th, Fischer would score on a past ball to make the score , when the lights suddenly shut off.

The game would be suspended until Tuesday when the Coyotes travelled to Chilliwack. Dulaba would add an insurance run in the bottom of the 8th when he blasted his second homerun of the season over the center field wall.

Final score Coyotes. Thursday first official game would have the Coyotes continue their strong play both on offense and the mound. Dulaba would continue to hit the ball as he would again blast a homerun over the center field wall and would add another base hit. Obrigewitch would come up clutch as he would hit a bases clearing triple to put the game out of reach.

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How to Add Search Box in Thesis Theme Navigation Bar. FourBlogger December 28, Blogger How To {69 comments} Thesis users or upcoming thesis users, in this Video tutorial I am going to show, How to add search box in Thesis navigation bar. Mostly bloggers put search box in sidebar. I think Google custom search is better than thesis.

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