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Child Labor in the Chocolate Industry

Child labor research paper as the college thesis

❶However, the seemingly beneficial employment of children, in actuality, was not so profitable. At the same time, the effectiveness and productivity of child labor were also substantially lower than those of adults.

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The development of British economy in the 19th century was rapid and, to a significant extent, this progress was the result of the early industrial growth of the country. Naturally, the rapid development of industries in 19th century Britain led to the increasing need in labor force. Adult labor force represented by men solely was insufficient at the beginning of the century that led to the growing exploitation of women and child labor that was used under the impact of purely commercial motives but not moral or ethical ones.

At the same time, the employers widely implemented child labor searching for increased profitability and believing that child labor would bring them more benefits at relatively low costs. However, their profits were relevant only in a short-term perspective while in the long-term perspective child labor turned out to be not so profitable as it might have seen to be at the beginning. Nevertheless, the 19th century was characterized by a significant number of children employees which worked in different industries and whose labour was apparently extremely difficult and produced a negative impact on their health, physical and educational development and could not have a positive effect on the further economic development of the country where industries grew more and more complicated.

This is why eventually it became apparent that the benefits of child labor did not outweigh the costs. Speaking about child labor in 19th century Britain, it is necessary to point out that, regardless the wild spread of child labor in rapidly growing industry, this problem was quite arguably and even in that epoch it was severely criticized.

However, it is also necessary to admit that there were also the supporters of the exploitation of children who stood on the ground that economic benefits of child labor would outweigh costs. Unquestionably, it is possible to find the argument in favor of both views but, to fully realize the impact of child labor, it is necessary to discuss the effects of child labor not only in purely economic terms but also regarding the social development and future perspectives of British society.

In this respect, it is getting to be obvious that despite possible economic benefits of child labor its wide use affected dramatically British society and, what is more important, it affected the national health and potential of younger generations that had been forced to work on factories since the early age. In such a way, it is possible to presuppose that the long-term effects of child labor in 19th century Britain would be rather negative and the possible short-term benefits of child exploitation could hardly outweigh the costs the whole society and the future generations of British people would have paid.

The objective study of child labor is possible only from the establishment of a definite cause and effect relationship between child labor proper and its effects. In this respect, it should be pointed out that child labor in 19ht century Britain was the norm of life and different industries amply exploited children. At the same time, it should be said that the children did not stop working at factories as they grew older. In stark contrast, the earlier children started to work at factories the higher was the probability that they will spend the rest of their professional life doing the same or similar job.

Practically, this means that the effects of child labour should not be viewed only in terms of the effects of the labour on children proper but it is also necessary to take into consideration the general effect of child labour on the work, life, and health of the working class since adult workers in 19th century Britain started their work at very early age. In such a way, it is possible to state that child labor influenced the general position of the working class since the involvement of children in 19th century Britain in industrial occupations were extremely high.

At the same time, it is obvious that child labor affected the development of children dramatically since hard work since early age inevitably produces a negative impact on children health. Moreover, as their health deteriorates the effectiveness of their work steadily decreases and the older, the workers are, the worse their health became.

As a result, it would be quite logical to state that British workers undermined their health in their childhood and it was quite natural that their physical and moral state gradually deteriorated that could not fail to negatively influence the effectiveness and productivity of their work Cunningham The latter was particularly important in 19th century Britain where the role of manual labor was still quite substantial.

In such a way, it is possible to estimate that in the 19th century Britain children were forced to work since the early age that affected their development both physical and intellectual dramatically.

This influence was rather negative than positive and led to the deterioration of workers health, their low professional level because of the lack of essential academic knowledge that naturally contributed to the lower effectiveness and productivity of their work at the adult age. In fact, the use of child labor in the 19th century was motivated by possible economic profits employers can gain form the exploitation of children.

At first glance, it seems as if the general economic effect of child labor could be rather a positive-negative as it provided factories with a cheap labor force and, at the same time, the number of children that could be employed was often higher than the number of adult workers.

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Children who are forced to work also miss out on life and their chance for a good education. When children are forced to work at a young age, they can also develop serious health problems. Poverty is the reason many children go to work. Studies have "revealed a positive correlation- in some instances, a strong one- between child labor and such factors as poverty.

Also, a poll taken of child laborers revealed that Hulbert 3 Many parents make their children work because there are no alternate sources of income. In many economically depressed countries where child labor exists, there aren't any welfare systems and easy access to loans. The money for these types of programs isn't readily available. The shortage of money is due to the fact that there are economic problem within the country.

Not all of the places where children work in third world countries are dangerous and dirty. Some major corporations move their businesses to places like Pakistan and China because the people there will work for less. Many times the people who work in these factories are children. Not all of these companies pay just a few cents a day though. Mattel, the maker of Barbie, is one of these corporations. The factory they work in is also kept up to higher standards than most factories in China are.

It is clean and they are very rarely forced to work in dangerous conditions. I feel children should be allowed to work only if they absolutely need to. The conditions in and hours which they work, as well as the pay they receive need to be improved. Governments need to pass laws that will do this. There have been laws passed that limit and reduce the amounts of child labor. An example of this is the Keating-Owen Act passed in This law barred articles produced by child labor from interstate commerce.

Many organizations are working to improve child labor conditions.

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Child Labor research papers cover criminal justice topics in the use of child labor throughout the world.

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In the United States, child labor and sweatshops are illegal, and society frowns upon any business that exploits children in the production of goods. Research Paper On Child Labour. Some people may think that child labour only affects their country but the truth is that it affects a lot of other countries all over the world. It is an international concern and while there are a lot of groups who are protesting it, the problem is .

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Free Essay: In the United States, child labor and sweatshops are illegal, and society frowns upon any business that exploits children in the production of. Thesis - Child Labor Research Paper Thesis - Child Labor and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!. Autor: Pavithra • January 4, • Research Paper • 3, Words (15 Pages) • 4, Views4/4(1).