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❶Bragging Contest The dragon in the story claimed that he could burn up to ten forests with his fiery breath. Students can use the pieces to practice retelling the stories or to create stories of their own.

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Teach with The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch
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The Paper Bag Princess Summary. The story begins by introducing Elizabeth, the beautiful princess who lived in a castle and wore expensive princess clothes. She had plans to marry the handsome Prince Ronald. After the dragon came and smashed her castle, burned all her clothes and took Prince Ronald away, Elizabeth took action.

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Apr 11,  · In this lesson, students will practice listening comprehension skills after reading “The Paper Bag Princess” together as a class. Afterward, students will role-play, make inferences, and use summarization to strengthen literacy skills.5/5(1).

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If you use The Paper Bag Princess as an anchor text for reading comprehension, you can take advantage of your students’ framework and directly tie in word study as well. This book is a good resource for teaching a phonics lesson about the bossy E (CVCe). This set of lesson plans, resources, and activities is for use with “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert Munsch. It can be used for whole group, small group, and independent instruction – which makes these resources a smart choice for literacy centers or Reader’s Workshop.

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Today’s Lesson: ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ – Robert Munsch Princess Elizabeth is excited to marry dreamy Prince Ronald, but then a dragon attacks the castle, kidnaps her prince, and burns all her bisnesila.tketh dons a paper bag, finds and outsmarts the dragon, and rescues Ronald—who is less than pleased at her unprincesslike appearance. Find paper bag princess lesson plans and teaching resources. From the paper bag princess worksheets to paper bag princess art videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources.