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Paul Revere

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❶A photostatic copy and typewritten name index to Vols.

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Lanterns were hung in an old church bell tower to signal to colonists in Charlestown in case both Revere and his companion, William Dawes, were captured: One lantern if by land and two lanterns if the British took the water route. Paul Revere should be entered into the History Hall of Fame for his devout patriotism, mastery of silver craftsmanship, and influential roles in the Revolutionary War. Revere became increasingly involved with the Sons of Liberty until he was given his role in the Revolution.

His masterpieces are still renowned by silversmiths today for their quality and value. His devout patriotism and stoic devotion to his country helped him rise quickly in the ranks of the militia during the Revolution.

When he was captured during his ride to Lexington, he refused questioning and charges against the Sons of Liberty at gunpoint. He then aided Hancock to escape from his home with his belongings and family, costing Revere his own home. His roles in the Revolution earned him many prestigious ranks and promotions during the war, such as Major of Infantry and Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery.

His military career ended after the failed Ponobscot campaign where he was accused of disobeying orders from a commanding officer and was discharged from the military to be later cleared by a court marshal. On this night, the fate of the natural rights of all men in the new world seemed to rest on his shoulders.

As terrifically romantic as this thought may be, it is far from the truth. Revere's midnight ride was anything but the heroics of just one man; rather, it can be much better summarized as the collective effort and doings of all New England Whigs.

The day was April 18, Fischer Revere acted quickly and moved to the Christ Church, the tallest building in the North End at the time. He had been told to light a lantern visible from Charlestown to warn a group of Charlestown Whigs of the moving Redcoats.

Here, three of Revere's friends and fellow Whigs came to his aid. The most prominent of the three was Robert Newman, a sexton in the church. The three managed to evade the Redcoat guards and were able to light the lantern and send the message.

Revere, promptly, went back to his house to prepare for his journey. Revere got into his boat to cross the Charles River to Charlestown. Again, he was not alone; Joshua Bentley and Thomas Richardson, two shipbuilders, provided Revere with a boat and escorted him across the river.

As they crossed the river, they ran into the HMS Somerset, a large armed ship that was specifically positioned there to prevent nocturnal movement.

On any other night, Revere probably would have been spotted, but there was a lunar anomaly in which the moon was lower than usual. Instead of shedding light on Revere's boat, the moon now put a shadow on the boat and made it nearly invisible.

Even God, it seemed, had had a hand in helping Revere that night.

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Paul Revere essays Paul Revere was an American patriot who, in , carried news to Lexington of the approach of the British. He warned the patriot leaders, Samuel Adams and Johh Hancock of their danger and called the citizens of the countryside to arms. This was the inspirations of Henry Wadswo.

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- Paul Reveres Ride Paul Revere's Ride is a collection of historical accounts centering around Paul Revere's midnight ride to warn the countryside of the battles that occurred. The novel is made up of narrative accounts that tell the whole story of the midnight ride.

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Free Essay: In , less than one hundred years after the event in which it is based on, the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was immortalized in a children’s. Josh Patterson Mr. Eggers History 9, Period 7 September 29, Paul Revere’s Ride Paul Revere was a silversmith before the Revolutionary War broke out. He was born in late December, , to Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hichborn. His father Apollos Rivoire came to Boston when he was 13, where he apprenticed under a local [ ].

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Paul Revere This Essay Paul Revere and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 27, • Essay • 1, Words (5 Pages) • 2, Views4/4(1). Paul Reveres Ride Essay Words 7 Pages Paul Reveres Ride Paul Revere's Ride is a collection of historical accounts centering around Paul Revere's midnight ride to warn the countryside of the battles that occurred.