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South Korea Guide

Korean Customs and Beliefs

❶Korean culture has survived for 5, years, despite the best efforts by hostile neighbors to stomp it out. Archived from the original on 6 August

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Cultural life
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Touching between strangers or casual acquaintances, however—especially between members of the opposite sex—is considered inappropriate. In most situations, people maintain good posture to show respect for their host or for a speaker; to sit in a relaxed manner is considered an insult.

One never looks a superior directly in the eye. North Koreans normally do not visit one another unannounced, and arranged social visits are infrequent. Unless special business calls for it, a superior never visits a subordinate. It is considered polite and a sign of respect for guests to bring a gift to the hosts. The value of the gift is far less important than the gesture of giving. Gifts are exchanged with both hands.

Guests remove their shoes and hats indoors. In some cases, slippers are provided. Otherwise, people wear socks in the home. Showing respect for the family and state are of utmost importance for most visits.

Visitors are given the best the household has to offer. If there are many guests, age or status is used to determine who gets the best seat, the best cut of meat, the largest drink, and so forth. Sports are actively encouraged by the government, and sports facilities are plentiful. Soccer is the national sport, and many Koreans also play table tennis.

Films, plays, and operas, often with strong political messages, are well attended. Television is also popular and widely available. North Koreans are accomplished in all traditional Korean art forms. Performances are polished, and form is pursued over spontaneity or individuality. Your Guide to North Korea: After years of boarding school it is difficult for any parent to believe their child could have any doubts of the government. Even if parents disagree with the government privately, it is unlikely they would pass those opinions on to their children since their children spend more time in government-run education facilities than with their parents.

None-the-less, parents care deeply for their children and want to see them succeed, human nature can't be completely removed no matter how much time is spent in biased educational facilities. Upon reaching adulthood, which appears to be in the upper teen years, young North Koreans are expected to marry, start a family, and begin working.

At this time the cycle repeats itself as these young people enter the work force. Nearly a third of the population works in agriculture, with everyone else in the industrial and services sectors.

Hours are long in North Korea and conditions could be in any number of places as there is no outside source to guarantee worker safety or properly operating machinery.

Despite all the hard work, the pay in North Korea is likely very poor, although the government provides that which the people need to survive. This makes the people even more reliant on the government, the underlying theme in North Korean culture and their daily way of life. There have been cases of travel guides being confiscated at the airport on arrival; they are usually returned on departure.

Consider carefully any films or television programmes that you bring into the country, either on DVD or on data storage devices. Those deemed to have an anti-DPRK government message may be confiscated and you may face detention as a result.

Always carry some form of identification. Hotels will want passports for registration, but these can usually be reclaimed quickly. Ask permission before taking photographs.

Avoid taking photographs of North Korean officials or guarded buildings. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content.

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The contemporary culture of North Korea is based on traditional Korean culture, but developed since the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic in Juche ideology asserts Korea's cultural distinctiveness and creativity as well as the productive powers of the working masses.

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North Korea shares borders with China and Russia to the north and the military demarcation line with South Korea in the south. The total area measures 46, square miles (, square kilometers), .

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North Korea - Cultural life: The compound religious strains of shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism have deep roots in Korean culture. Although the country has received continuous streams of foreign cultural influence mainly from China, Koreans have kept their identity and maintained and developed their unique language and customs. -Yalu and Tumen rivers separate North Korea from China.-The area around Pakistan along with the Chinese North Korean border is mainly a volcanic belt with lava plateau's scattered around, situated at a height of 1, and 2, meters above sea level. -The North Eastern part of the Korean penninsula is filled with high mountain peaks.

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"Nobody who lives in Pyongyang is an ordinary person. This is the top five to 10% of the population," points out Barbara Demick, whose book Nothing To Envy offers a vivid account of ordinary life in North Korea. On top of that, we have arrived amid unusual celebrations. North Korean culture, customs and etiquette It is important to emphasize that the government of the DPRK — in particular the leaders Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un — are, publicly, very highly revered in North Korean culture.