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Argumentative Essay Examples and Tips

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❶Know as much as you can about your side, but know just as much if not more about the opposing side too. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

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Conclusion The conclusion restates the main claim and presents one or two general statements which accurately summarize the arguments which support the main premise.

Retrieved September from: It is organized in the way of an argumentative essay. The numbers in the essay denote the sentence numbers which will be used here to identify the parts of the essay. It starts with an introduction which offers a definition of aggressive driving 1 , 2 and 3 , and further explains the issue 4.

As three reasons are stated in the premise, there are three body paragraphs; each mentioning one reason. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence which states one of the reasons [ 6 , 9 and 13 ].

Each of these reasons is well-supported by supporting details: The last paragraph of the essay is the conclusion. It summarizes the three reasons stated in the premise The conclusion restates the stand taken by the writer, that is, aggressive driving should be avoided Sentences 18 and 19 are general statements which support the main premise. It should be noted that this essay uses statistics to support the main idea. This lends credibility to the argument.

You can achieve this goal by supporting your opinions with strong evidence. There are different sources of evidence that can be used in argumentative essays. Besides statistics published by reliable sources, research findings, examples and opinions of experts in their fields are some of the other sources of evidence.

You also can use forceful words to state your opinions. These words can make readers rethink their views about the issue being discussed. There are many examples of such words in the essay. This being the case, you should make it a point to state opinions that oppose yours. By doing this you are telling the reader that you have considered the opposing views.

These opposing statements that you make should be brief. They should not be as detailed as your own views. Usually this is mentioned near the end of the essay. The formats below can be used in the final examination. You can choose either one. To show the reader that the opposing views are not yours, you can introduce these ideas with the following phrases: You must show why this opposing view cannot be accepted.

If you do this, your argument will have more credibility. Some common techniques for dealing with opposing views are: Mobile Phones Should Be Banned While Driving The risk of getting into a car accident while talking on a mobile phone while driving is growing as the number of mobile phone subscribers increases. Engaging in a phone conversation on a mobile phone while driving distracts the brain and delays reaction times which are more likely to cause drivers to swerve between lanes, slow down and miss important signs.

Mobile phones should be banned while driving because they are risky. An Australian study conducted in , estimated that the risk of a collision when using a mobile phone was four times higher than the risk when a mobile phone was not being used. Case crossover analysis of mobile phone habits enabled the scientists to calculate the increase in risk.

Even hands-free devices were not that safer. An earlier study in , integrated data from questionnaires, mobile phone companies and crash records kept by the police. It found that the overall relative risk RR of having an accident for mobile phone users when compared to non-mobile phone users averaged 1. The RR was then adjusted for kilometers driven per year and other crash exposures. When this was done RR was 1. The study also revealed that increased mobile phone use correlated with an increase in RR.

However, there are some objections to the call for the ban of mobile phone use while driving. Using a mobile phone while driving, taxes the cognitive skills of the brain at the expense of driving.

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This custom essay writing really help me to begin my assignment writing. I really appreciate the kind of topics post here. All canines are mammals. Therefore, all dogs are mammals. And inductive arguments that move from particulars to particulars. The ones I bought last year are still wearable so these shoes are likely to be wearable too. What is the difference between a persuasive and an argumentative essay? In a persuasive essay, the writer is trying to convince the reader to accept the reader's idea or point of view.

It is like saying, you are trying to win the acceptance of the ideas you have. While in an arguementative essay the writer is trying to persuade the reader.

It is the opposite in both cases. What is an argumentative essay? For an argumentative essay you must collect, generate, and evaluateevidence based on a topic.

Once you have this information you takea position on it usually you are for the topic or against it. Onceyou have your position you write an essay about it an supplyinformation that supports your position.

How can you come up with a good topic for your persuasive or argumentative essay? Coming up with topics to argue about never seems to be difficult for students! I think you are trying to make this too hard. Pick any subject that you feel strongly about - anything at all! If you can't think of anything you want to argue about, just look at the news and pick any topic you see. Select an argument topic in which you can base your claims on fact. Examples of topics are: Features of a good essay?

A good essay must be clear and well thought out. The essay mustdescribe and defend its positions thoughtfully and completely. Procedure of writing argumentative essay? Basically, you argue a point. If a argumentative essay is a about a person then is it possible to start the paper with a biography? Certainly, provided the biography is relevant to the argument. For instance, if you want to make an argument that particular person has strong family values, a biographical sketch would probably very appropriate, as it could be shown where the person developed their strong family values.

This adds strength to the argument. On the other hand, if you want to argue that a particular person owes you money, a biographical sketch would probably not be helpful to the argument and therefore irrelevant. How do you start an argumentative essay? This is the most important part of the whole process, thefoundation upon which your whole essay is constructed, and it mustbe the first thing done; until you have written the thesis sentenceit is useless to try writing anything else.

Given a topic, assembleyour material and review it mentally if in class during an exam until you are familiar enough with this material to form an opinionor judgment about your topic. This opinion or judgment is the standyou are taking on this particular topic and it will be theconclusion which your entire essay will to try to establish andsupport.

This is your thesis sentence; and this is why the thesissentence has to come first when you construct an essay. If you are not good at writing then you can seek help from theonline essay writing services to write the essay paper for you.

How do you Write an Argument Essay? An argument essay is to identify the reasoning given in an argument. If the reasoning is sound, an argument essay will strengthen it.

On the other hand, if the reasoning is flawed an argument essay is expected to identify the flaw and give measures to remove the flaw and ultimately make the argument stronger. The best way to learn about argument essays is by reading a few samples. A good list of GRE argument and issue essays could be found on the related links given for this question. What is the meaning of argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that debates or argues aparticular point made within the topic of a given paper. Thearugmentative essay is one of the easiest types of papers andessays to write as long as you cite scholarly sources to back yourargument up. What is a argumentative essay? Whether Elvis is alive or dead.

He's dead, of course. NO human being can survive being lbs. So there's ONE argumentative essay. On an even heavier note, the topic of gay marriage is an argumentative essay. Pick your side and then use scholarly researched information to support your side. Don't just talk rubbish out of your bottom.

State your opinion, but also back them up with proven facts. Another argumentative essay is whether God exists - yes, you can argue this since like it or not - it has not been PROVEN how we got here or the mountains or oceans. This could go on forever. If philospohers cannot prove it, you've got a winning argument!

Abortion rights is another essay topic. Capital punishment is another topic. Juveniles being charged as adults is another topic. Women's reproductive rights and men being allowed vascectomies with no problem. Men who claim that circumcision is mutilation, while others do not.

As you can see, there are many topics that can form a wonderful argumentative essay. You may even choose political arguments of democratic views vs. Be sure to CITE your references! Give credit to the source if you use anyone else's ideas or words. What is an interesting argumentative essay topic on anything about Judaism? What is opposition and refutation in an argumentative essay?

First, you have your claim. For example, Descartes wanted to know if doubting was a way to reliable knowledge. He used this argument form to show that it was.

First, he assumed what his "opposition" the empiricists would argue about what could be doubted, such as dreams, illusions, the senses, and then, what if you could doubt everything?

If so, then the opposition would have proven that doubting does not lead to certain knowledge. Descartes' refutation is the "I think, therefore, I am," part. There were two things he could not doubt, himself as existing and thinking. This proof of not being able to doubt two things refutes his opposition's argument that you could doubt everything.

There are at least two things he could not doubt, so the case for everything was refuted. In both cases, the opposition and refutation, the person has to think of both sides.

But both sides should be obvious. Descartes was a rationalist, so his opponents would have empirical arguments.

Darwin was an evolutionist, so his opponents would be creationists, and so on. What are the characteristics of argumentative essay? Example of argumentative essay? To Anonymous If we are under the age of 30 we should definitely us a bicycle or take a walk there are elderly people who need cars buses for them to use we should persuade the government to send the elderly I don't know if this is good or okay please comment: What is an argument essay?

Do you mean a polemic? These type of essays are a part of international exams such as the GMAT. Also one can use free online essay grading tools such as that available on http: How long should an argumentative essay be? A technique for judging the organization of the argument in an essay is to? Argument essay about advantages and disadvantage of tv? Most of people agree that the invention of television is one of the most important kind of mass media.

First,there are many advantages of television which is the source of recreation that bring to the man a relaxation after a hard day's work.

Second,television is a good media for a person to upgrade with the knowledge of what happening around the world,it gives all the events such as wars, discoveries ,inventions and many other things all over the world. Third,it is a kind of education that teach us many different languages from various cultural programs. How do you use the counter argument in an essay? Start with the positive statement and then make it the opposite ofwhat the positive statement is.

An example would be: Schooluniforms are needed in schools positive statement. School uniforms are not needed in schools. From thispoint, you would lay out the reasons of why the uniforms are notneeded. Finally, your ending would be asummary of your argument.

What is the difference between the issue and the position and the argument in a persuasive essay? The issue is the subject of the text, while the position is the side of the text the author is on, and the argument persuades the reader into believing the issue and position. Which of these is a way to address a counter argument in a persuasive essay?

Acknowledge the validity of a counterargument, but highlight specific evidence that demonstrates the superiority of your argument. How do you develop your argument in a persuasive essay? First, you start brainstorming. Brainstorming helps you think out of the box. You can brainstorm on each of these for each side.

Now, you start with your introductory paragraph: An introductory paragraph consists of 3 things: A hook, lead, and a thesis. A hook draws the readers attention. It can be a quote, riddle, question, bold statement or a short story. A thesis is is a sentence that basically summarizes the whole essay.

Schools should serve peanut butter sandwiches. Next is the body paragraph. A good essay usually has 3 body paragraphs. A body paragraph consists of the following: Soda machines should not be allowed in schools because it is unhealthy for the students. Nestle said that the relationship between drinking soda and our bodies is really strong. Researchers calculate that for each soda consumed, the risk of obesity increases 1.

In addition, teenagers who drink soda display a higher risk of bone fractures. Soda contains high levels of phosphorous which leaches calcium from your bones.

Without calcium, your bones grow weak, which is a leading factor to osteoporosis. Therefore, because soda contributes to the risk of obesity and weaker bones, it is unhealthy for our adolescent bodies. Following, you will add a 5th paragraph a 4th body paragraph. This paragraph is called the counterargument. In a counterargument, you choose a a strong point from the side you are against.

For example, in an essay where you're trying to persuade your school to add recess time, a strong point from the opposite side may be that the school will have to hire aids to supervise us. However, you can argue that saying that we have a willing staff. Many adults in our school say that if we add recess time to our school, they will have to hire aids to supervise during our break. However, they are wrong because we have many teachers and adults in our school that can supervise us.

If there are teachers that supervise us during lunch, can't they supervise us during recess? Writing a counterargument helps prove to the reader why they are wrong.

Lastly, you will need a strong conclusion. In a conclusion, you start with a transition ex: Remind your reader of what the whole essay was about. Then you emphasize on your reason i will be able to communicate with you so that you know what's happening with me. Next you will call the reader to action I suggest that we go to Verizon Wireless this weekend Then leave the reader thinking Just imagine what would happen if something terrible happened to me and I couldn't communicate with you guys to help me Have fun writing your essay!

What are the distinguished features of cogent and uncogent arguments? Both are inductive arguments, cogent is strong with all true premises, uncogent is either weak, or strong but with one or more false premises or both. What are two main elements in an argument essay? Topic and opposing viewpoints. Anyone can argue their own position, but it's better if you can argue both sides of a question.

How long does a good argument essay have to be? The length of an essay depends greatly on its topic and intended audience. A typical argument essay for middle school might be a page and a half. In high school it might be 3 pages.

But these are just a typical value. An argument essay on the need for handwashing at school might be a very different length than an essay arguing for changes in the relationship between Israel and Palestine. Keep in mind that an excellent argumentative essay is not necessarily long. You want to state your topic, make clear your position and the alternate position, and give the reasons why your position should be accepted by the reader.

What are the basic features of an essay? There are five parts to every essay, and each part has five parts. First thesis point C. Second thesis point D. Third thesis point E. First supporting sentence C. Second supporting sentence D. Third supporting sentence E. Concluding Paragraph - The concluding paragraph is equally asimportant as the introduction.


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5 Main Features Of An Argumentative Essay: Tips For Students. When writing an argumentative essay, the primary objective is to show your audience that you have a valid argument.

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The argumentative text. Structure and features. – Argumentative essays are divided into 3 parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. – In the introduction we present our thesis. – In the body of the essay we present the arguments supporting our thesis.

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We are the leading academic writing platform where hundreds of top-rated academic writers come to work. Argumentative essays are organized in many different ways, but one popular format is the five paragraph essay, which includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The.

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Features of argumentative essay pdf. September 13, By. Should really have sorted her barcamp presentation by now, but has 2 other presentations and an essay to worry about suspect i'm heading. Where a persuasive essay discusses only one side of the issue, an argumentative essay will both refute the opposing argument and substantiate your position with the presentation of evidence. The most common format for any type of essay is the five paragraph variety, but it is by no means the only one.