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❶So, whilst speech analytics is an excellent tool for revealing the decisive moments in these interactions, it is important to note that today customers are contacting service providers through an ever growing number of communication channels, ranging from the telephone, web, SMS, email and IM, through to social media and mobile apps. Put your outline together Figure out where to insert your data, and structure them along with your beginning, middle, and end This method of organization works well for the PowerPoint and written components of your speech:

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But with so many different solutions on offer, how can you choose which solution is best for you? We asked a number of suppliers for their opinion. Basic requirements, such as the language s spoken by your agents and customers, are catered for by many solutions.

However, speech-to-text solutions relying on written language models to make the speech searchable may be harder to adapt than phonetic solutions which break audio down into constituent sounds to the different ways that a language can be spoken by a population. Other important considerations will include finding a tool that can work with your call recorder or that is recorder agnostic , or one that produces real-time results if your business requires on-the-spot insight.

What you hope to achieve with speech analytics is another major consideration. This will depend on the size of your organisation and the resources you have available to invest in a solution. A large organisation with a high volume of calls seeking transformational change may be best to focus on on-premise enterprise solutions that allow for the sort of comprehensive analysis required for such a project.

A dedicated employee may be required to manage the tool, although this is more of a need when using speech-to-text solutions which require more fine-tuning than phonetic solutions. A large organisation looking for more ad hoc analysis but retaining the depth of analysis could consider a managed service solution and have only part-time resources dedicated to it. Smaller organisations with fewer resources will not necessarily need the same level of powerful analytical application and so could consider a desktop solution with an option to export the information to data processing systems, if need be.

These solutions offer basic call categorisation and more flexibility with regard to when and how they are used, also making them highly suitable for one-off projects in large organisations which do not seek long-term change, but instead need to identify specific calls for another purpose, e.

Before purchasing speech analytics, be sure to consider your needs and limits first and foremost and consider working with an independent provider who can provide an unbiased view on the solution that best matches these. Speech analytics has the potential to revolutionise how a contact centre manager monitors and improves staff performance, particularly in the areas of coaching, conflict resolution and up-selling. There are several key factors which should be considered in order to ensure that a company invests in a solution that allows them to effectively utilise the information gathered using speech analytics software.

Firstly, as obvious as it sounds, the solution needs to offer a high level of accuracy. The software selected should have a high recognition rate that can effectively measure the level of emotion of the caller and the agent.

It is also vitally important to select a solution that offers speech analytics in real time. Those solutions that analyse calls retrospectively are only able to identify problems once the caller has left the system, by which point they may already have decided to purchase from a rival supplier.

Analysing calls in real time means that the speech analytics algorithm is running in the background, detecting words or phrases and changes in emotions.

This means that any customer grievances can be flagged to a supervisor and resolved on the spot, helping to achieve first-call resolution and increase overall customer satisfaction. Real-time speech analytics also enables contact centres to maximise any selling opportunities. Incorporating visuals is also helpful. Use the key talking points you established earlier in your speech to drive it home with the ending.

Just like starting strong, finishing your speech powerfully is critical. Leave your listeners with a lasting impression. Suggest how your topic can be expanded or advanced by future discussions and research. Whether you use video clips, images, quotes, scholarly material or news articles, be sure to cite your sources! Put a basic outline together, then insert your key speaking points. Once you have all that down, practice and listen to your speech to perfect it!

Figure out where to insert your data, and structure them along with your beginning, middle, and end. Next, jot down words, phrases, ideas and research information within each sub-topic of your outline. Start with the basics and add detail as you gather more material.

Be sure to include citations with corresponding information so that you can easily cite as you begin writing without having to take time retracing your steps.

Using the components from earlier, start the process of writing the actual speech. Now that you have all your research, information, ideas and citations compiled, begin writing your speech. The key is to simply begin. So, try not to worry about how the words sound the first time, just start writing what flows. Once you have your research, ideas and thoughts written in your own words, you can go back a second or third time and revise your sentences.

Make sure you use the correct facts you gathered earlier at the point in the speech where they will have the most effect. Re-read your speech and review your PowerPoint several times to be sure ideas flow clearly and stay on topic. Also, check your speech to be sure all material that needs a reference is correctly cited. As the saying goes, practice does in fact make perfect or close to it. Practice your speech in front of a friend, or try recording it on your smartphone and playing it back to yourself.

This may be a little nerve-wracking at first, but it will help you identify places you need to improve. Check out these links for more assistance:. Ultius guide on speech writing Our example speeches provide great thought-joggers if you find yourself in a writing stump like starting your introduction hook, keeping listeners engaged, or concisely wrapping up your conclusion.

Ultius Help Page The Ultius help page offers FAQs and information guiding you in correctly formatting and referencing, depending on your topic and citation style. Ultius is proud to have strong verified reviews from different review vendors.

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They know how to write speeches, whether informative, persuasive, or simply entertaining. They also know how to properly cite sources used in your speech or paper. Furthermore, they have access to vast databases of peer-reviewed literature. Regardless of whether they are composing for high school, college, university academic levels , the speeches they write will be effective and well-written in every aspect.

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This will allow your writer to request clarification on any point he does not understand. It also helps you to ensure that the speech is developed according to your needs. In addition, you can relax knowing that, not only is your speech being written for you in a timely manner, but that your personal information is always handled in a confidential manner.

We do not share information about you with a third-party. Furthermore, all financial transactions are completed in a secured manner. So, what are you waiting for? Your worries are over when you purchase your speech from us.

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How buying a sample speech from Ultius can help you with writing your own. Buying a sample speech can help save time by organizing all of your talking points. A speech is a document that provides a written template for a speaker to follow when addressing an 5/5.

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