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Research Paper on the Vietnam War: Topic Suggestions

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A reputation at stake

The Vietnam War in a Broader Context
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Despite facing domestic problems and a resilient Northern Vietnamese opponent, the United States and Lyndon b. Johnson persisted in fighting a war of attrition mainly due to strong international political pressure to support democracy and eliminate communism.

The overall openness to influence stems from Vietnam's transition from their colonial past with France to the rise of international communism and the problems inherited from it. As the Soviet Union was actively spreading their philosophy onto smaller third world nations, the US took a vigorous role in attempting to defend and support democracy simultaneously.

The fact that ideology played a driving force in policymaking epitomizes the notion that Vietnam had more to do with the international context of the cold war than it did the country itself. The symbolism of losing a country to communist rulers via military dictatorship was a paradigm of failure to the US. The critical importance of Vietnam was present because of its relative ideological flexibility and the fact that the superpowers were aggressively policing and spreading their ideologies. As when under colonization control by the French, "Vietnam's political development owed much to … shift[s] in the larger geopolitical environment" Lawrence, 9.

One such shift in the larger geopolitical environment was the cold war. The Soviet Union was aggressively pursuing their policies of aiding and spreading socialist ideals while simultaneously the US was implementing containment.

One clear example was the Marshal Plan in rebuilding Europe. The funding was only offered to nations who embraced a democratic government. Such a clear bias blatantly outlined the polarized viewpoints held by the opposing governments. As it happened, Vietnam became "a vital front in the global confrontation between democratic capitalism and international communism" Read more about the events of the Vietnam War. As Vietnam was struggling for unity among the southerners and northerners, the US saw it as a prime opportunity to make a stand for democracy.

However, the reason for US intervention was not as pure as the quest for democracy. Instead, there was the accountability and overall reputation of the US to make a strong stand in Vietnam, especially after its stale-mate intervention during the Korean War Lawrence, The political pressure to not look weak and take action for their international plans prompted the US to quickly take action in making Vietnam a democracy. Simultaneously, Leonid Brezhnev, a prominent Soviet leader, also intervened on behalf of Vietnam simply because "failure to do so would cede Southeast Asia to Chinese domination and weaken Soviet claims to leadership throughout the Third World" Lawrence, Therefore, we see this issue of reputation and accountability for third world countries present for not only the US, but for the Soviet Union as well.

In fighting the Vietnam War, the US pursued a strategy of attrition to promote their reputation of relentless support for the sake of democracy. Lawrence remarked that "the Joint Chiefs pursued a strategy of attrition" in fighting the Vietnam war Lawrence, The risk of losing a country to the spread of international communism was well worth the risk of casualties and a stale mate to US policy makers. As the war progressed and a stale mate evolved, both US citizens and Southern Vietnamese ones became tired of war.

However, since the US felt that it was very critical to the international context of democracy to police the world , the war of attrition persisted. This would have spread throughout the globe and some nations on the tipping point of socialism may have been enticed to convert as well.

This is a major part of the reason that Nixon and his advisors sought to "isolate North Vietnam diplomatically" Lawrence, Clearly, this emphasizes the notion that broad ideological goals such as democracy were the driving force behind the US initiative to not only engage in war in Vietnam, but to continuously support it even after extensive American lives were lost and domestic support had severely declined.

Louis-born war correspondent Martha Gellhorn , who reported the war for the British newspaper The Guardian in ; broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite , a native of St. Joseph whose special report from Vietnam in following the Tet Offensive is credited with helping to change national opinion about the war, and St.

Louis native Thomas A. Dooley , a doctor and anticommunist activist whose best-selling book Deliver Us from Evil made an early argument for US intervention in Vietnam. Louis Springfield Tours Visitor Information. Research Request Form research shsmo. Connect Sign up for news and event updates.

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The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events. "Against the Vietnam War" brings together the different facets of that movement and its various shades of opinion.

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The comparison of Johnson’s and Nixon’s Vietnam War strategies. Main objectives of the government of the US and Vietnam during the war. The role of media in formulating the opinion of the public opinion about Vietnam War. The influence of the antiwar movements in .

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Vietnam War. Remembering Vietnam is an exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, DC, on display from November 10, , through January 6, , featuring records related to 12 critical episodes in the Vietnam War. The National Archives has a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in the Vietnam conflict. Missouri and the Vietnam War. In its entirety, the Vietnam War lasted thirty years, stretching from the end of World War II to the fall of South Vietnam in US military involvement began after France withdrew from its former colony following the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in

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Writing about the Vietnam War? Read this sample research paper on the Vietnam War and how Johnson made a bad decision during his presidency/5(10). Vietnam War Research Paper. Vietnam War Research Paper: During the 30 years of XX century Vietnam was at war. It all started in the ′s, when the Communists fought against French colonial rule, and was completed in with the fall of Saigon.