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Thomas A. Edison Papers

Edison's Early Years

❶Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor who created many important things that changed the way Americans live today. To seek a better fortune, Sam Edison moved the family to Port Huron, Michigan, in , where he worked in the lumber business.

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Charles had a great skill in engineering that helped Edison bring his inventions to life. Thomas Edison was a very intelligent person, and could potentially be named one of the most intelligent and influencial men of our time. He invented many important things that we depend on today, such as the phonograph, the light bulb and the movie projector. His creativity allowed him to create so many of his important inventions.

He also had great determination to make a lot of money. That did not make him great, but his main goal was to sell his great inventions for lots of money. Thomas Edison is remembered for his great inventions. People did not know how to use electricity a long time ago, and he showed them how useful it could be. Even though people did not like the new electric lights at first because of its price, it eventually became cheaper and more popular amongst his generation.

Now everyone used electric lights because it is safe and convenient. We use electricity to do so many things, like seeing when we are reading, using our electronics, powering our factories, getting heat and air conditioning, and storing our food. Thomas Edison was intelligent, determined, creative, crafty, and able to predict what might happen with his inventions.

Home Essays Thomas Edison. Others blame it on a conductor boxing his ears after Edison caused a fire in the baggage car, an incident which Edison claimed never happened. Edison himself blamed it on an incident in which he was grabbed by his ears and lifted to a train. He did not let his disability discourage him, however, and often treated it as an asset, since it made it easier for him to concentrate on his experiments and research.

Undoubtedly, though, his deafness made him more solitary and shy in dealings with others. In , Edison rescued a three-year-old from a track where a boxcar was about to roll into him. The grateful father, J. MacKenzie, taught Edison railroad telegraphy as a reward. That winter, he took a job as a telegraph operator in Port Huron. In the meantime, he continued his scientific experiments on the side. Between and , Edison migrated from city to city in the United States taking available telegraph jobs.

In Edison moved to Boston where he worked in the Western Union office and worked even more on his inventions. In January Edison resigned his job, intending to devote himself fulltime to inventing things. His first invention to receive a patent was the electric vote recorder, in June Daunted by politicians' reluctance to use the machine, he decided that in the future he would not waste time inventing things that no one wanted.

Edison moved to New York City in the middle of A friend, Franklin L. When Edison managed to fix a broken machine there, he was hired to manage and improve the printer machines. During the next period of his life, Edison became involved in multiple projects and partnerships dealing with the telegraph. In October , Edison formed with Franklin L. They advertised themselves as electrical engineers and constructors of electrical devices.

Edison received several patents for improvements to the telegraph. The partnership merged with the Gold and Stock Telegraph Co. He formed the American Telegraph Works to work on developing an automatic telegraph later in the year. In he began to work on a multiplex telegraphic system for Western Union, ultimately developing a quadruplex telegraph, which could send two messages simultaneously in both directions.

Besides other telegraph inventions, he also developed an electric pen in His personal life during this period also brought much change. Edison's mother died in , and later that year, he married a former employee, Mary Stilwell, on Christmas Day.

While Edison clearly loved his wife, their relationship was fraught with difficulties, primarily his preoccupation with work and her constant illnesses. Edison would often sleep in the lab and spent much of his time with his male colleagues. Nevertheless, their first child, Marion, was born in February , followed by a son, Thomas, Jr. Edison nicknamed the two "Dot" and "Dash," referring to telegraphic terms. A third child, William Leslie was born in October Edison opened a new laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ, in This site later become known as an "invention factory," since they worked on several different inventions at any given time there.

Edison would conduct numerous experiments to find answers to problems. He said, "I never quit until I get what I'm after. Negative results are just what I'm after. They are just as valuable to me as positive results. In , Edison worked on a telephone transmitter that greatly improved on Alexander Graham Bell's work with the telephone. His transmitter made it possible for voices to be transmitted at higer volume and with greater clarity over standard telephone lines.

Edison's experiments with the telephone and the telegraph led to his invention of the phonograph in It occurred to him that sound could be recorded as indentations on a rapidly-moving piece of paper. He eventually formulated a machine with a tinfoil-coated cylinder and a diaphragm and needle. When Edison spoke the words "Mary had a little lamb" into the mouthpiece, to his amazement the machine played the phrase back to him.

The Edison Speaking Phonograph Company was established early in to market the machine, but the initial novelty value of the phonograph wore off, and Edison turned his attention elsewhere. Edison focused on the electric light system in , setting aside the phonograph for almost a decade. In return for handing over his patents to the company, Edison received a large share of stock. Work continued into , as the lab attempted not only to devise an incandescent bulb, but an entire electrical lighting system that could be supported in a city.

A filament of carbonized thread proved to be the key to a long-lasting light bulb. Thus, the main aim of the project is to observe the personality of Thomas Edison, to discuss his inventions, and to explain what place he occupies in American history. Surprisingly, but Alva Edison, who was the last of seven children in a large family, can not learn to speak for a long time and spoke for the first time only in 4 years. Right after that he begged every adult who was met on his way to explain how works this or that device, including everything that came his way.

As it is said in the famous phrase that the bumblebee can not fly by the laws of aerodynamics, Edison preferred to know nothing about the opinions of experts who said that something is impossible. In fact, starting from 7 to 12 years, Thomas Edison tried to go to school. But the boy could not fit into the school system because of the natural curiosity, mental alertness, inability to follow routine, hearing problems, and due to the strength of character in pursuing the own interests. Thus, he continued his education at home, where his parents exactly his mother in a large degree were trying to teach their son in the best way, allowing him to read different books, beginning with spiritual literature, classic literature and ending with scientific works of greatest scientists.

Congress; moreover, Edison was even able to collect a few hundred dollars for his future invention from Boston industrialists. But the machine was rejected as undesirable from a political point of view, and Edison decided to devote himself to the creation of only those inventions that could bring commercial success.

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Thomas Edison Essay Words | 5 Pages. I decided to do my report on Thomas Alva Edison because he brought a lot of things into our world. He invented the light bulb, the alkaline battery, the phonograph, and many other things.

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Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, and died on october 18, He was the last of seven children, and was largely home-schooled and self .

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Thomas Edison: A True Hero - Thomas Alva Edison is a true hero for his admirable and tremendous actions and contributions. Born on February 11, near Lake Erie, he showed much interest in mechanics and chemical experiments. Essay on Thomas Edison There exist a lot of great personalities who changed our reality for ever, and Thomas Edison is among them. Thus, the main aim of the project is to observe the personality of Thomas Edison, to discuss his inventions, and to explain what place he occupies in American history.

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Thomas Edison essaysThomas Edison was perhaps one of the most diverse, yet influential men of his time for his accomplishments have influenced the world in such a substantial way. He was nicknamed "The Wizard of Menlo Park," for his various intriguing inventions, as well as his expertise in the fiel. Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor who created many important things that changed the way Americans live today. He was born on February 11, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. He had trouble hearing because of an uncared for middle ear infection, and he had difficulty paying attention in school. As a result, he was pulled [ ].