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High School Book Report Template: Selecting an Appropriate Book

How to Write a High School Book Review

❶Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Dual enrollment credit is available through the University of Mississippi.

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High School Book Report Template: Selecting an Appropriate Book

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Counseling is available to students who may require emotional support as well. The third paragraph can explore the development of the characters -- perhaps how they grow or change from the beginning to the end of the story. The fourth paragraph should explore the characters' interaction and conflict and how these play into the overall plot and theme of the book. As you read through the book, be thinking about what the main conflict might be and how it involves the characters; also think about what literary devices the author uses to develop the characters.

Many great books have intriguing plots, often involving high action or unforeseen twists. Such a book with a complicated or exciting plot might be a good candidate for a plot-centric book report. Provide an introductory paragraph, briefly touching on only the most essential aspects of the setting and characters. In the next paragraph, describe important events that lead to the book's climax.

The climax is the most dramatic or significant point of the story -- the event that the entire book has been leading up to.

Resist the urge to list every detail of the plot, and focus only on main events that lead into the climax. In a new paragraph, explain how the tension unwinds and the book's plot resolves after the climax. To avoid simply recounting the story in the book report, include commentary on devices or tactics used by the author to create tension or to lead the reader to certain conclusions.

Books that feature symbolism are often the subject of school book reports; the characters and events in these books often represent more abstract concepts and ideas in order to highlight an ideology or issue. For books like this, provide an introductory paragraph that summarizes the cast and setting and gives a summary of the plotline. In the next paragraph, explain how to interpret the book's main theme.

Use the following paragraphs to explain how main characters and important events support this theme.

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