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Coke Spent More on Health Research Than Previously Reported

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❶Glanz said her research found that consultants and scientists that work on sponsored research often have to sign non-disclosure agreements or must have their publications approved.

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See how the RG Scores of researchers from The Coca-Cola Company are distributed.

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Coca-Cola has had years to perfect their approach to social media, and their commercials are some of the best loved in the history of advertising. Coca-Cola collectibles are popular and the characters from the commercials, such as the polar bears, are globally familiar and widely appealing. Coca-Cola has a deep bench of brand advocates who . Coca-Cola took some solace in the results of a company-commissioned study by an Indian research group called TERI that found no basis for the allegations about pesticide contamination, yet the report also raised questions about the siting of bottling plants in “water stressed” locations.

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Coca-Cola disclosed it spent more than previously reported on scientific research and health-related programs that were criticized by some as aiming to downplay the link between soda and obesity. In a post on Coke’s (ko) website, the beverage giant now says it spent $ million on scientific research and partnerships over a five-year period . Coca-Cola is doing everything it can to shift the blame of the obesity crisis from poor diet to a lack of exercise. The sugary drink giant has been heavily criticized for .