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Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man: Summary & Analysis

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❶The possible relationship with the detective and female doctor wants to go somewhere but doesn't quite catch. Written way back in , the author very nicely explains how the computer is similar to a human brain.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Terminal Man

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Chapter Analysis of The Terminal Man
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Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man: The Terminal Man was about the neuropsychiatric section of a hospital doing a breakthrough surgery to help reverse the effects of psycho motor epilepsy. The patient’s name was Harry Benson.

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Michael Crichton Booklist Michael Crichton Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Terminal Man Mind control and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have long been a popular sci-fi themes, Michael Crichton was already famous for the apocalyptic virus-laden 'Andromeda Strain' (book and later film) when the grim near-future 'Terminal Man' was published in

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A full page ad for The Terminal Man that ran in the New York Times on May 9, In His Own Words When people said ‘boy, this [ The Andromeda Strain ] is really up . Terminal Man is classic Michael Crichton work. It’s a brilliantly-paced story that reflects on the implications of scientific “progress” and warns of the dangers of hubris. And like The Andromeda Strain, I’m amazed at how well the book holds up almost forty years after initial publication. Crichton had an uncanny ability to see the future.

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Plot Summary Edit. Harry Benson has been suffering from seizures that cause him to become a ruthless monster who will attack anyone and anything. Benson is suffering from these seizures because he has obtained brain damage, and the effects of the brain damage make him have these seizures, and are causing him to slowly go mad. The Terminal Man was interesting, in its way. It's an older Michael Crichton book and isn't as polished or as intense as his later works. It's another of his books that /5.