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The Best Essay Topics for The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald

High school essay topics for The Great Gatsby

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Suggested Essay Topics

Gatsby is killed by
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Moreover, is pursuing the American dream necessarily a good thing, as evidenced by The Great Gatsby? Explore the character of Nick. How are readers supposed to feel about him? In what ways does he come off as reliable or unreliable? Fitzgerald's story shows the clear delineations between different strata of society: How are readers to interpret his comments on each of these groups? Does he hold any one group above the other? Are there ways in which people of all groups are alike?

Throughout the story, Gatsby has difficulty accepting that the past is over and done with. Where do you find evidence of his trying to recapture the past? What does this say about him? Should people live their lives yearning for something in the past? Why or why not? Part of Fitzgerald's strength as a writer comes from his imagistic style. His writing is very sensory-oriented. What examples of sensory-oriented imagery sight, taste, touch, smell, sound can you find in the story? What kind of atmosphere do these details help create?

How do they affect you as a reader? One of the brightest symbolic aspects of the book is the symbol of The Eyes of Doctor T. This symbol is seen on an advertisement in the Valley of Ashes.

And these eyes are the "judges" who look at all the "d. Scott Fitzgerald is more strongly associated with the 's than any other writer. He is generally considered the voice of his generation, but his insight into human behavior means that he is never out of print, for his flawed heroes and heroines speak to all of us.

Perhaps no one is more fully drawn than Jay Gatsby: True love is hard to find and hard to keep; many spend their lives in search of that one person who makes their life worth living.

In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is obsessively in love with Daisy and never wanes in his attempts to attain her. Authors tend to choose their characters with a motive, even if it is ulterior. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is character-driven story rather than an action-driven one. Even though a few main characters dominate the story, minor characters that only appear once or twice during the novel, like Daisy's daughter, have a purpose and effect on the plot as well.

Fitzgerald decides to include Dai. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby develops a theme of greed and constant discontent within the main characters through literary elements such as tone, symbolism, imagery, and dialogue. In the Great Gatsby the contemporary society of a prosperous America during the time after the war is portrayed by optimist values using money and greed.

Money weakens the values of even the most humble uppercl. Our great cities and our mighty buildings will avail us not if we lack spiritual strength to subdue mere objects to the higher purposes of humanity" Harnsberger 14 , is what Lyndon B. Johnson had to say about materialism. He knew the value of money, and he realized the power and effect of money. Money can have many effects, however money cannot buy happiness.

Many people disbelieve this fact, and. A dream is defined in the Webster's New World Dictionary as: In the beginning pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story gives us a glimpse into Gatsby's idealistic dream which is later disintegrated.

There is much color symbolism in this novel, but there are two main colors that stand out more than the others. The colors green and white influence the story greatly. Green shows many thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and choices t. Summary At the beginning of the book we are introduced to Nick Carraway, who reflects on past events pertaining to Jay Gatsby and Nick during the summer of the year Nick was originally supposed to share a house in West Egg near New Yo.

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Nick is particularly taken with Gatsby and considers him a great figure. He sees both the extraordinary quality of hope that Gatsby possesses and his idealistic dream of loving Daisy in a perfect world.

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Essays and criticism on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby - Suggested Essay Topics.

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High school essay topics for The Great Gatsby Even though it is not quite common to write The Great Gatsby essay in high school, some specialized literature classes may assign you a couple of relatively simple topics that do not dig into too much detail. 10 Extraordinary Gatsby Topics. Most eleventh grade American Literature classes read The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a famous writer who filled his essays with symbolism and highly descriptive imagery. The odds are very great that you will need to write a paper on The Great Gatsby.

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% FREE Papers on The great gatsby essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. -. The Great Gatsby Essay Topics. 1. Explain how the novel does or does not demonstrate the death of the American Dream. Is the main theme of Gatsby indeed “the withering American Dream”? What does the novel offer about American identity? (Reference the characteristics of the American Dream within the body of your paper.) 2.