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❶Evaluate the affects of exposure to diesel exhaust particles on the ability of lung phagocytes to fight infection.

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What is Internal Validity?
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A three-year program providing fellows with supervised training in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. A two-year or four-year program that trains physician-scientists to be fluent in the latest developments in clinical cardiovascular research. A two-year program providing extensive experience in all areas of electrophysiology and exposure to a wide variety of patients and arrhythmias.

A two-year program which includes exposure to a diverse group of patients with the full spectrum of endocrine disorders. A program providing the fundamental experience necessary to offer comprehensive consultation across the breadth of gastroenterology and hepatology.

A program offering three pathways, all of which use the substantial resources of the Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer's Prevention. Offering a one-year, robust fellowship experience focused on clinical care, teaching and research since A two-year clinical or three-year academic program offering clinical training in infectious diseases.

A two-year program providing intensive experience and instruction in all areas of clinical nephrology. Our goal is to train outstanding physician leaders who improve the health of people with respiratory disease and critical illness. A two-year clinical or a three-year research program allowing residents to follow their desired career path in rheumatology.

Harrison Translational Research Program. Clinical Scholars in Informatics Program. Department of Internal Medicine Informatics and Analytics. Clinical Trials — Be Involved. Department of Internal Medicine Dedicated to excellence in research, education and patient care. Cardiovascular Medicine The Section of Cardiovascular Medicine offers the latest in cardiology care for our patients and outstanding training programs for clinicians and researchers. Endocrinology and Metabolism Section The Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism offers a residency program, a fellowship program and an elective program for medical students.

Gastroenterology The Section of Gastroenterology maintains the highest standards in patient care, education and research. General Internal Medicine The Section of General Internal Medicine is committed to excellence in patient care and emphasizes evidence-based general internal medicine practice as part of our educational and training opportunities. Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine The Section of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine provides patients with a unique approach to care giving, offers training opportunities for medical students, residents and fellows and participates in broad-based aging research.

Hematology and Oncology The Section of Hematology and Oncology supplies our physicians with the knowledge and skills needed to function as a specialist in hematology and oncology. Infectious Diseases The Section of Infectious Diseases is committed to excellence in its mission of research, clinical care and education. Molecular Medicine The Section of Molecular Medicine is focused on performing cutting-edge research in cellular and molecular mechanisms of human disease.

Nephrology The Section of Nephrology provides the highest standard of care for patients with kidney disease and is a world leader in cutting-edge research on inherited forms of kidney disease and dialysis therapies. Rheumatology The Section of Rheumatology promotes and supports education, research, and clinical care of rheumatic diseases. Herrington, MD Professor, Cardiology. Our Research The reputation of the Department of Internal Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health as a nationally prominent research department continues to be sustained by substantive extramural funding from prestigious agencies such as the National Institutes of Health.

Education and Training Our residency program and fellowships offer clinical problem-solving skills and prepare learners for lifetime learning and professional growth. Residency Fellowships Fellowships, cont. Clerkships Internal Medicine Residency Program Developing a new generation of internal medicine physicians, scientists, educators and leaders. If you do not have the resources, you could consider outsourcing to external contractors. You can use internal project managers to carry out certain research activities.

Internal research can include looking at:. In many smaller businesses, an existing member of staff can take on the role of a project manager alongside their existing duties. Your project managers will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing, controlling and closing the project, and embedding its results in the business.

See more on project management. Internal research can also bring opportunities, in the long term, to increase productivity and profitability, enhance your brand and stay competitive in your marketplace. Read about the commercial benefits of research and development. One of the biggest downsides of internal research is the potential lack of specialisation.

This may not be viable for you if you run a smaller company. Your employees may have great project management skills, but may lack specific skills and expertise they can bring to the research, for example in marketing or design. See more on external research and development.

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(A) Internal Sources: These refer to the sources of information within the organisation. In certain cases internal sources are indispensable without which the researcher cannot obtain desired results.

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Research Resources The Emory University Department of Medicine Office of Research offers internal faculty members and trainees various resources, programs, tips .

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Internal research and development You can carry out your own research and development (R&D) in-house. If you do not have the resources, you could consider outsourcing to external contractors. Relying on internal staff may cause survey question bias and inadequate customer satisfaction research. Disadvantage: Resources External marketing research firms may have access to proprietary software, research pools and expert analysis not available within the company.

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Jul 20,  · Control Technology Research for Worker Health. Project Officer: R. Leroy Mickelsen. The purpose of this project is to manage several short . EMU Research Internal Research Internal research funding supports faculty research, creative, and scholarly endeavors; promotes the University’s research profile and prestige in the community; and is a valuable means of leveraging external support.