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50 Essential Resources for ESL Students

How Can Children Learn English Using Websites?

❶Many of these websites are jam-packed with fun activities that children will keep coming back for more!

Examples of the Free Resources Library

Spelling and Pronunciation
Grammar and Usage
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ESL Kids offers a variety of activities, including games, flashcards, worksheets, songs and more. The games section includes 8 full pages of spelling, speaking and vocabulary games. ESL Pages offers a variety of ESL resources for students and teachers, including dictionaries, reading, grammar, speaking and spelling exercises, lesson plans, songs and games, and more. Hello World is a comprehensive ESL resource, offering a variety of games, exercises, interactive activities, and more, with a special section for young children.

This site, by British Council, offers resources for children learning English. This site offers English reading activities, spelling and grammar activities, and online word games and puzzles for children of all ages. This site offers free worksheets, flashcards, games, lesson plans and online activities to help children learn English.

Lessons include games, stories, songs and chants, and writing exercises. This site offers 3 sets of flashcards that each have about 10 categories each, such as Action Verbs, Colors, Zoo Animals, Weather, and Time. You can download both small and large versions of all of the flashcards. This site offers a worksheet generator that allows teachers to print custom-generated worksheets and quizzes in a variety of formats. This site helps children learn English vocabulary by viewing illustrations and choosing the appropriate word from drop-down menu.

Topics range from colors and shapes to seasons. Lantern Fish presents language and math worksheets for grades K Activities include grammar, math, nouns and other elements of vocabulary. This site offers ESL vocabulary lesson plans and worksheets categorized by grade level. Picture Dictionary helps children learn English by viewing vocabulary words and corresponding pictures. There is a special section of kindergarten reading and phonics curriculum. This site presents spoken dialogue on a variety of topics, and accompanying worksheets that help students match the written words with the words they hear.

Agenda Web helps students learn English by listening and reading a story accompanied by animation. Stories are categorized by elementary, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels. Cartoon English offers a series of videos with accompanying text and comprehension quizzes.

Videos are categorized by beginning, lower intermediate and upper intermediate levels, and have optional Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Turkish subtitles.

Voices are computer-generated and free from any accent. Ed Help offers stories and reading comprehension exercises for English students from 1st grade through high school.

ESL Bears presents a series of listening comprehension exercises, in which students listen to questions and choose the best answer from several choices. This site is designed for first-year and beginning ESL students. This site offers a variety of entertaining games designed to enhance vocabulary through the use of interactive play. This site uses poems and short stories as writing examples, and features other unique exercises to teach creative writing and usage. In the student section of this forum, you can read famous quotations, work your way through novels in English, and do interactive language exercises to better understand the written English language.

This site allows students to download a free trial of its vocabulary builder and then test their knowledge through an extensive selection of ESL Online quizzes. Quizzes and Worksheets Put your knowledge to the test with these helpful tools: This site is exactly what it sounds like, offering self-study tests to help students learn grammar, challenging words, vocabulary, and more.

English Club Vocabulary Quizzes: These word quizzes cover everything from animals and food to famous quotes and American slang. Advanced English Grammar Exercises: This plain website hosts dozens of detailed quizzes, searchable and filtered by topic. These grammar and vocabulary quizzes also pull double duty as history and grammar lessons.

Make sure to check out the other useful resources on the rest of the site. This site features access to hundreds of worksheets designed for students interested in learning and speaking English. Students can browse through hundreds of topics that have already been uploaded, and check back for frequent updates made by international instructors. For ESL students and teachers alike, this site contains hundreds of worksheets, quizzes, listening exercises, and puzzles for all skill levels.

This includes both American and British English. Perfect for kids, English Media Lab features a wide range of quizzes, videos, games, exercises, and other resources suitable for different learning styles.

Podcasts These podcasts make great instructional tools for students on the go: Regular updates and easy categorization make this podcast a great resource for ESL students. Hosts use news, history, and slang to break down the quirks of the English language.

The lessons on this site range from basic word instruction to more complex scenarios like going to the store or working in an office. This site offers free podcasts to anyone looking to learn English. Podcasts can be filtered by skill level and subject so students can choose what type of lesson fits them best. British Council Learn English: The British Council provides four series of podcasts to help students learn the English language as well as practice their listening skills.

The materials include games and puzzles, holiday exercises and readings with comprehension activities. There are also free PowerPoint presentations that are mostly suited for young learners. The site is also one of the biggest resources for lesson plans, ready-made worksheets, reading exercises and games. Most of the upper level games are vocabulary-related. The general review section is a big big hit with my higher level students. Super Simple Songs — I absolutely love these songs and their simple, bouncy videos.

Play a video in class and your students will be mesmerized, gold for classes that tend to get unruly. Comic Creator — If your students enjoy creative activites, the comic creator is a great way to structure and illustrate the stories they write. They can design each panel with backgrounds, characters, and speech bubbles. Armored Penguin — This site makes word searches, crossword puzzles, and word jumbles.

Business English Materials — These are quite literally English lessons about businesses. A partner site of Breaking News English, it has lesson plans about dozens of different successful companies from Apple to Zara. Lessons include readings, games, comprehension activities and quizzes. The best resource on the site is the section for teaching non-literate adults, a rare and invaluable resource. What are your favorite ESL teaching resources?

Super Simple Song s. A Game a Day.

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ESL Pages: ESL Pages offers a variety of ESL resources for students and teachers, including dictionaries, reading, grammar, speaking and spelling exercises, lesson plans, songs and games, and more. Hello World: Hello World is a comprehensive ESL resource, offering a variety of games, exercises, interactive activities, and more, with .

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Looking for the best online resources for ESL teachers? Here are 5 awesome online teaching resources that ESL teachers can't live without!

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Top 10 Websites for the ESL Teacher by Susan Verner , views The longer you have been teaching, the thicker your files are getting, but it is never too soon or too late to add to your pool of resources. provides a large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics. Browse our grammar glossary and references of irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms, ESL forums, articles, teacher handouts and printables, and find useful links and information on English.

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The 10 Best ESL Websites for Kids to Learn English at Home and School 1. Featured resource: Headsprout, a supplemental program that helps non-readers or struggling readers with individualized lessons. 7 Best ESL Textbooks for . The best resource on the site is the section for teaching non-literate adults, a rare and invaluable resource. Community Connection What are your favorite ESL teaching resources?