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Social Media Essay

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❶If the service or the product is genuinely the best of its kind and if its campaign is attractive then the information of the product will definitely reach to the targeted audience because of the reach of these forums. MIT sloan management review.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Over the years communication has evolved into a revolutionary platform, through the invention and development of Internet. The Internet has evolved from a means to facilitate data, to a platform of public communication through social media.

Social media has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to advertise, promote and market themselves to customers. Communication has evolved and gone through significant changes through out the years and has shifted the way humans interact with each other. Through new technologies and inventions such s the Internet, communication has grown significantly from the traditional face-to-face interaction.

The Internet has revolutionized everyday human interaction and communication through incorporating social media. Social media has impacted every aspect of human interaction from personal lives to the business world.

The business world however, has especially been impacted by the application of social media. As social media continues to grow as a marketing tool, Many companies have incorporated social media into their daily business activity for brand awareness, target market reach, business expansion and customer interaction.

However, since companies have incorporated social media marketing, traditional customer relationship marketing is decreasing because companies are relying heavily on social media marketing. What Social Media Is. Social media is a means or forum in which individuals, groups, or organizations interact and share information, thoughts or ideas.

Social media has become increasingly popular because of its ability to serve as away to connect with others in the world that may or not be in the same region. Social media consist of many tools and platforms where individuals and organizations interact.

These tools play a major role in the existence and stability of the social media network. Social Media Tools and Their Functions. Social media tools are those elements that are used by the public, organization or businesses and little or no cost to communicate or network. One of the top social media tools today is Facebook. It is also by far the most widely consumer-used social media site. Facebook is a social media tool that everybody in all age groups and in all backgrounds are familiar with.

Facebook has created ways in which users can create profiles and interest groups that cater to an individual or organizations needs and motives.

Facebook users can exchange messages, receive notifications, add friends and subscribe to areas of interest. Twitter consists largely of opinion sharing and short messages. Twitter is a forum where individuals follow people or companies of interest to send or read what others are. This forum can be used through a desktop or mobile device. YouTube is another social media marketing tool that has become very popular over the years. To keep track of invested time and money companies can use metrics.

Common metrics that can be used on facebook are: Another example is Twitter: The last example is the videosharing website YouTube: Using social media is important but perhaps even more important is the measuring the success of social media, this can be done easily via simple metrics. This can be found in the most famous quote about social media: Can you measure the ROI of your social media marketing.

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Delivering and receiving information has never been easier: For many people social medial has become a primary source for communication, and its importance continues to grow. Nevertheless, negative effects of social media should also not be ignored.

The decreasing use of verbal communication can eventually lead to verbal communication skills being deteriorated, to the point when traditional verbal communication becomes a whole challenge for the person. Additionally, the rise of social networking has led to the phenomena of online bullying, fake online personas, aggressive advertising, unwanted exposure, and the loss of a personal touch in communication.

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The aim of this essay is to critically review social media marketing and to analyse the reasons behind its success. The essay further aims to discuss the models and frameworks that support successful social media strategies for organisations, both large and small.

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Research Objectives: The impact of social media marketing on International Businesses The rise in popularity of social networking Web sites and oth.

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Essay about Marketing: Marketing and Social Media. When considering this quote from a marketing perspective, it reinforces the concept that a company, its management team, and employees must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the needs and wants of its customers. Social media is constantly growing and in turn social media marketing will continue to grow and revolutionize. Social media, if used correctly, can create the tools necessary for a company or business to have a competitive advantage and create stronger brand equity.