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There is then a shift back to the historical support or persecution usually the latter of Christians. Indeed, Christians and Jews for that matter have been persecuted a great deal over the years. There were other times where one might say that Christians were doing the persecuting e. Self-Advocacy Steps to Successful Transition.

Still, Mason indicates that the opposite is often true in public education settings, where educators, parents and institutions collectively overlook the implications of research and demands imposed by law. Indeed, "despite the IDEA requirements, research results, teacher perceptions, and strong encouragement from disabilities rights advocate, many youth have been left out of IEP and self-determination activities.

Clearly, as the matter is framed by Mason et al. By contrast, institutional change has been hard won, with schools and administrators balking at making broad-based alterations…… [Read More]. Effective or Ineffective Trait Leadership. Published in , Northouse's book Leadership: Theory and Practice goes into great detail as to what constitutes trait leadership and what behaviors and values do not qualify vis-a-vis trait leadership.

Northouse isn't alone in providing narrative that defines and describes trait leadership. In the book The Anatomy of Leadership West, , the author asserts that trait leadership "makes the assumption" that there are "distinctive physical and psychological characteristics" -- above and beyond standard leadership -- that account for the effectiveness of a leader.

Those traits include "height, attractiveness, intelligence,…… [Read More]. Include roles biological factors - nature- environmental influences-nutrue- sexual differentiation gender identity.

The interaction between hormones and behavior Essentially, the difference in the brain of males and females is mostly realized in the concepts of sex and gender aspects.

Most of these realizations have been made in the recent years as researchers have focused on the structure and functionalism of the human brain. In this regard, it is realized that particular human characteristics realized in certain individuals usually relate to a particular structure of the brain of such individuals. For instance, it has been established that most students who are good in mathematics will usually have a particular brain structure coupled with certain complexities like allergies and shortsightedness Garrett, Such unrelated characteristics usually result out of certain conditions both prenatal and postnatal.

Studies have demonstrated that…… [Read More]. Enterprise Level Business System. Enterprise-Level Business System Determination of Requirements -- Main Objectives Create interactive website for consumers and vendors, rather than simply a visually interesting but non-useful website Create functional internal system of Internet communication and a shared database for all staff at the company. Given company's limited numbers, this is feasible Identify which specific analysis methods needed to accomplish this Interviews with lead staff members to determine company needs and computer literacy Submit questionnaires to current phone staff to see what queries are most frequently submitted to lines Consult with outside website creators and software analysis to construct blueprint of useable website and software analysis to determine most appropriate and comprehensive database system with firewall and anti-virus protection B.

Determination of these requirements: Prefrontal Cortex and Limbic System in the. What are their functions? How do they differ? What changes occur in a child's behavior as a result of a maturing limbic system and prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex and the limbic system are very central in the early childhood development and in particular during the play years of the child. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for the triggering of the spontaneous activities, initiating drive in the growing kid, keeping the kid active and helping in the coordination of the movements and behavior Michael H.

These are very significant aspects for a growing kid. On the other hand, the limbic system is the brain area that is very important especially in the regulation and expression of emotions.

The limbic system is divided into three major portions as the Amygdala; which is a tiny part of the brain that is…… [Read More]. Business income refers to any income usually realized for the execution or transaction of business activity.

This indicates that business income is the aspect of earned income from the perspective of business transaction or activity. In order for the business income to apply to the aspect of the taxation system, it is essential to classify business income as ordinary income.

Business income consists of business expenses, business losses, and business profits. It is the difference between revenues and expenses of the process of business transactions. This indicates that business income can be positive or negative within the financial year depending on the size of the expenses and revenues.

Business income is received from the transactions or sales of products or services within the defined market. Question Two OECD model treaty defines a clear perspective in relation to the handling of the business income. This is through indicating that the income…… [Read More]. Government Agency Making a Contracting.

United States, F. According to the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of , "The Court of Federal Claims and district courts shall have concurrent jurisdiction over bid protest actions, and that the courts 'shall review the agency's decision pursuant to the standards set forth in section of title 5' of the APA. Paul, Minnesota, the district's process for making a manifestation determination is the following: A meeting will also be held regardless of parental request whenever a student is suspended for at least 5 consecutive days or 10 cumulative days within a school year, a disciplinary change is effected or expulsion is considered.

The team then determines if the following stipulations are met to signify that a manifestation determination can be made. First, the team must gather data regarding evaluations of the child and any diagnostic testing that has been conducted, observations made, as well as placement information or other information that can be helpful in understanding the child's background and providing context for the setting…… [Read More].

World War Turning Point Europe, Significant Change Occurred Emergence Legitimate evolutionary egimes Self-Determination in Cuba There are few who would dispute the fact that following the conclusion of World War II and prior to its revolution which began in and concluded on January 1 of Cuba was a prosperous region of the world that was certainly worth fighting for.

The country's leader prior to the ascendancy of Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, had cleverly manipulated the assistance of a number of external forces, primarily that of the United States, to assist the country in achieving a degree of economic gain and modernity the likes of which were comparable to, if not surpassing, those of other parts of the world.

Its economic prowess may be demonstrated from the following quotation. Transition Education in Special Education. Transition Experiences for Students with Disabilities Several years ago I was privileged to teach students with cognitive disabilities in Korea.

I taught in an after school program for high school students. As I thought about the subjects that were being taught, I realized that no provisions were made to provide opportunities for the students to interact within the community setting. Even though most of the students were going to work in a sheltered workshop after graduation, a need existed for them to learn "community skills" such as paying for things with their own money, using public transportation, and interacting with various residents of the neighborhood.

It was there that my strong belief that cognitively impaired students should have chances to engage in as many "normal" activities as possible as long as the students were not confused or upset by the situation or were subject to negative comments, etc.

American Indian Movement The poorest people in America are the American Indians and it is also a fact that Indian reservations have unique laws that has made it a nation by itself within the United States. The modern movements focus on the American Indian reservations being empowered by self-determination.

This is important for the economic, social and cultural improvement of the American Indians. It was with the Nixon administration that the welfare of the tribes became the focus of the government.

The subsequent administrations encouraged the Indians to adapt to a policy of political and economic self-determination. Today many reservations have become economic hubs with tax and regulation havens for investment. Thus as of now the Mescalero and White Mountain Apaches "have become premier private managers of multiple-use forest resource economies. Ethnic Conflict Why Is Nationalism. For example, the conflict in former Yugoslavia is often studied as a case of ethnic conflict, and the Serbian atrocities against Bosnians is usually described as "ethnic cleansing.

Serbs and Croatians share the same religion as well with different denominations , while Bosnians, with the exception of their Muslim identity, have experienced a shared history with the other two. And all three are former Communists. Nevertheless, all three groups have identified themselves as different ethnicities during the conflict in the s. Dominique Moisi argues that, in addition to the problem of clash of civilizations, the world today faces a clash of emotions.

There is a culture of fear, displayed by the est, of foreign nationals, of losing the identity in a complex world, of losing their economic power,…… [Read More]. Woman Who Has the Qualities. Men also possessed social status that women did not have, enabling the perpetuation of a patriarchal society. As Smith points out in Freud's Philosophy of the Unconscious, the psychoanalytic model lends insight into the underlying psychic forces promoting personal and collective change. With regards to a singular female like Alexandra ergson, psychoanalysis takes into account the protagonist's family background, tracing her ego development across the course of her lifetime starting with childhood.

The significance of my research is that it studies the possibility of female's success in life under certain circumstances and refutes the outmoded opinion that suggests the…… [Read More]. Defense Witness Immunity the Supreme. Judge roderick concluded that the Compulsory Process Clause of the Sixth Amendment does not give a defendant the right to require immunization of a witness, but that such a right is "probably" contained in the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

However, he declined to accord the defendants the benefit of this "probable" Fifth Amendment right to defense witness immunity for two reasons. First, he ruled that the defendants' motion was untimely, since it should properly have been made at the beginning of the trial. Second, he concluded that defense witness immunity would be available only to secure testimony that was material and exculpatory and that the defendants had not shown that any of the witnesses for whom they sought immunity would give material, exculpatory testimony.

To prove either side of the argument, the sensitivity and impact needs to be assessed -- there is no blanket rule of everything being transparent, or everything being private; it is dependent upon the sensitivity and overall impact of the issue at hand.

How does a cost-benefit analysis used in the determination of due process? Using, for example, Miranda v Arizona, a cost-benefit analysis is used to determine due-process in the sense of the decision's impact on law enforcement and the community needs to be taken into consideration before a ruling of using Miranda, 5th Amendment Rights, and basic procedures.

The Rehnquist Court's decision in the idea of cost-benefit,…… [Read More]. Taylor Law Overview Employee Rights. Striking is not deemed to be an acceptable method of dispute resolution under the Taylor Law. According to Section , an impasse is deemed to exist if the parties fail to achieve agreement at least one hundred twenty days prior to the end of the fiscal year of the public employer.

Specific provisions of Section pertain to certain, select public employment bodies, such as police and fire unions, which must submit directly to binding arbitration because of the vital nature of the services they provide.

The PERB can assist resolution by appointing mediators, and if this fails, it can create a fact-finding board with the power to make recommendations. If an impasse is still manifest the dispute is shifted to the chief executive officer of the government involved and to the employee organization involved.

Union security Public employees are allowed to unionize by law and, indeed, it could be…… [Read More]. Ender's Game -- From Being. History makes it possible for one to understand how the masses can be persuaded to adopt particular attitudes by being provided with manipulative information. People lose the ability to discover when they are being controlled as they are provided with more and more false information.

One's inclination to act similar to a typical human being can thus be destroyed as the respective individual becomes entangled in a greater scheme.

This is basically what a dehumanizing process consists of: It is easier for people to abandon their principles when they are presented with a purpose. This is exactly what happens with Ender: Project Financing International Project Finance. This can subsequently result as the massive benefits to the commercial contestants devoid of the incurring of the extra cost that pertaining to such commercial participants. The participation of the export credit agencies accompanied by the existing multilateral developments institutions normally results to the lofty stage of the ecological, employment and other supplementary social standards, which are extremely expensive and cumbersome to, accomplished.

The application these existing social standards are normally highly significant to these multilateral institutions concerning the outline policy perspectives accompanied by the chief structures and the existing projects.

These policies perspectives and the chief aims enhance the best practice that pertains to the execution of communications and the whole projects. Numerous leading private sponsors and the existing commercial lenders have finally commenced the process of incorporating of these standards.

These standards include the equator principles and the other existing ecological requirements that are aimed at safeguarding of…… [Read More]. Palestinian and Israeli Conflict in. These settlements make sure that the state of fragmentation and insecurity of the Palestinians continues and thereby hinders the economic, social and political development of the Palestinians.

The total number of such settlements in the West bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza strip are , with the vast majority of them in West bank and Jerusalem. These new bypass roads as well as the expansions to the existing bypass roads add to the disruption of the Palestine economy, autonomy and society.

The Israeli settlements also have a negative impact on the access of the Palestinians to natural resources like water and arable land. This problem is likely…… [Read More].

Individuality vs The Collective Good. For instance, we consider luminaries such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Or the earliest participants in the American feminist movement, whose willful decision to resist the forces of authoritarianism as self-defined individuals would be essential to moving our society in a more progressive direction. In the case of Martin Luther King in particular, we recognize the considerable risk to his own person that the Civil Rights leaders undertook in spite of the prevailing cultural mores of…… [Read More].

Individual Contributions by a Cross-Functional Team: Cross-functional teams have become important aspects in the modern business environment because of their role in enhancing integration and coordination, extending an organization's boundaries, and lessening the production cycle time during the process of developing new products. The formation of cross-functional teams is based on the effect of bringing people together from various disciplines to enhance problem solving and provide thorough decision-making procedures.

The significance of cross-functional teams in an organization is that they strengthen a spirit of cooperation that eases the accomplishment of customer satisfaction and organizational objectives at the same time. As a result, cross-functional teams are beneficial to individuals on the team, the product, customers, and the entire organization Weber, n. Since the cross-functional team consist of personnel from different disciplines such as engineering, supply management, and manufacturing, effective participation of and leading the personnel is crucial for effective execution of…… [Read More].

GCC Economic Outlook Primarily, Key economic indicators will present statistical information, which will seek to foster economic determination and engineer the determination of current and future performances. A collective economic indicator examines aggregate earning reports, list of economic summaries relating to this region and as well as, reflecting on various macroeconomic indices.

This report will prove that the GCC economic indicators are collective in answering aggregate macroeconomic challenges. This study is a collective possible research leading to the construction of key economic indicators analysis as adopted by GCC partners. GCC economies have been growing tremendously in the past ten years.

This study focuses solely on some of the serious economic developments and polices evident in the region in the past four…… [Read More]. This population of aging, having had just one child, will rely upon society as a whole to care for them, instead of an extended family as was once traditionally and culturally the case. The Rural Subsistent Dwellers Evidenced by the lower income figures reported widely, China's rural farming populations have perhaps been the hardest hit by the One Child Policy.

Goals for Graduate Study and. I was then able to provide him with some academic advisement by suggesting ways that he could become better organized and not procrastinate with his work. A also listened to his problems and suggested ways that he could deal with them more easily. I suggested to him that he practice confidence and speak to the bully verbally, but that he should never use any anger toward that person.

At our next meeting he informed me that he did try it and the boy had stopped bullying him. I also had the opportunity to help solve problems for other conflicts. For example, I coached a volleyball team of high school girls for three years. There came a time when I had to be a mediator, and this was really what gave me the idea to become a counselor due to the way I coached and counseled my players.

It brought a…… [Read More]. Wolf v Ford Wolf V Ford. The contract was standard, and gave authority to the broker to invest and manage the original sum of money. Although it could be argued that, given Wolf's expressed desire that the funds be invested conservatively, that the actions of the defendant were not optimal, that does not make it patently offensive to the point that the entire community would consider the contract invalid.

What does the outcome of this case mean for the affected industry? Customers of that industry? This frees the investment banking industry from the concern that an angry investor will be able to sue a broker or the entire firm if he or she does not like the performance of his or her portfolio. It also means that a wary investor must not invest his or her funds and sign a…… [Read More].

Proverb Personal Experience Long Time. It was no mystery to me that I was different from the others, as I was usually occupied with my homework about three or four hours per night and had to work ardently to cover my subjects, but I kept the secret to myself. When finally presented with the diagnose, I realized that it was only through my determination and great efforts that I surmounted my condition and managed to step in line along with my colleagues, all through high school.

Moreover, I then realized that my grand quality was the ambition with which I proved that I was worthy as any other student. The same fierce ambition granted my next success in college. My great wish was to enter the lacrosse team of my university in my sophomore year. I was aware that the other students possessed a remarkable talent for the sport and also had an advantage in…… [Read More]. Proton and Carbon NMR in.

This information is utilized to create new products and substances that are used on a regular basis. For example, chemists could use the COSY process to understand how to create a new kind of raincoat that will be even more water resistant.

To determine this, the protons inside the molecules of the raincoat would have to be examined through the COSY process. This will identify the peaks inside the protons and what specific attributes are similar to other compounds. Once this happens, is when scientists can use this as a way to create specific attributes that they are looking for i. A raincoat that is more waterproof. This is significant, because it is showing how the contribution of the COSY methodology allows chemists to create new compounds with specific attributes.

Ray Technology in Medicine How. Some sources also offer a different insight for the emergent increase in need of this technology. Bernike Pasveer follows the idea that it was because there was a need for efficient diagnosis methods Pasveer, , p It was only after the introduction of X-rays that there was a determination of the nature of tuberculosis.

The need for an efficient method that disputed the myths was necessary, and that was achieved on the introduction of X-ray technology. This is supported by Andrew Warwick who claims that the reason why this technology is still significant was due to its diagnostic properties. However, Andrew differs from Bernike by instead using fractures as his example.

Andrew explains the role of X-ray technology especially in Germany where the surgeons undertook this process to determine fractures and diagnose bone discrepancies Warwick, , p4. Incidentally, this is a role of the technology that is still in practice. Admit Me to the Master. I now wish to move into film and express my abilities through the camera even further.

I am trilingual, thus can offer not only my visual expertise but also lend my lingual skills where needed connecting my eyes and thoughts with the world I experience in the future. Now at American Inter-Continental University, I am nearing completion of the requirements for my BFA in Visual Communications, after which I intend to seek a strong, vocational training in the art that has characterized my life.

Rockport does not have to motivate me. As you can see I bring to Rockport an enduring level of commitment and passion carried on in my photographs, through my life and though the very lens through which I explore the world around me.

My determinations to realize my potential is unending. With your assistance I have every confidence I can see them through. I have learned…… [Read More]. Decisions Based on Demand and. The second factor is the independent variable being evaluated. This correlation indicates that there is a high correlation between time and population.

However, the correlation is this case is negative, as can be seen in the chart below. The correlation between time and amount spent is not very close. In fact, the development appears to be highly sporadic at best. Below is a chart that represents the obtained data. Considering the two overall factors, and the forecasting done, the population will continue to decline, as will the money spent in the community. This community is suffering financially and is not likely to spend their money on luxuries such as dining out.

With this conclusion it is inadvisable that a Domino's restaurant…… [Read More]. Kim Basinger it Is Difficult to See. Kim Basinger It is difficult to see how the jury could reach an intelligent decision in this case because the defense's profit-sharing argument left so much information missing from the production costs. The jury was not given the nature of the costs: Based on scant testimony from the Plaintiff's expert: Should Main Line's maximum and minimum lost profit amounts be revised downward for the following?

Student Education What Were the. What was the decision of the U. Supreme Court in Honig v. In this case, the Supreme Court was of the opinion that free and appropriate public education also applied to children having behavioral difficulties. Further, the Supreme Court also concluded that when a student's misbehavior has a definite connection to his or her disability, such a student should not be excluded from school. Explain when a school must hold a "manifestation determination hearing" A manifestation determination hearing is held when as a result of a disabled student's inappropriate or wrongful behavior, the school deems it fit to have the student removed.

Amongst other things, the said hearing is held to determine whether there is a connection between the student's disability and his or her faulty behavior. Explain when a school must develop a "behavior intervention plan" BIP for a student A school must develop the…… [Read More].

Beautiful Mind a Film. The film A Beautiful Mind Crowe, et al. However, the film remains true to a consistent theme: The film takes a different approach, "from the inside looking out," so we experience the world as Nash experiences it and do not realize until half-way through the film that he…… [Read More].

Business Creation in Canada. Canada International Trade International trade accounts for a dominant share of the Canadian economy, led by exports of natural resources. Canada's combined exports and imports ranked 8th among all nations. Canada recorded a positive balance of trade overall in Canada enjoyed a substantial positive balance of trade with the United States in and , but slipped into the red in and Motivation According to One of the Most. Motivation According to one of the most famous scholars on the subject of motivation, motivation comes from the desire to satisfy first the basic needs within a hierarchical system; then moving from physiological means to self-actualization.

This motivation moves from the more basic to advanced psychological levels by adding onto basic needs more emotional, then intellectual needs that allow the human being to capture concepts that are far more detailed, less static, and to analyze problems that have open-ended answers. The idea of motivation is so very critical within organizations of all types, that scholars have been studying the topic for decades.

However, given the importance of the…… [Read More]. Governor Peter Shumlin State. The Native American children continue to suffer from this modern-day version of forced assimilation Ennis, Governor, I believe you have the power, influence and authority of spearheading the actualization of the proposal to amend the State ecognition Bill that also includes the adoption of the UN Declaration on ights of Indigenous Peoples to protect the Abanaki tribe and other Native tribes.

That was a wonderful step towards realizing equality and justice to the Native tribes. The family Medical Leave Act FMLA gives no determination that states that the known relationship or lack thereof between the child and parent will determine the child's ability to use FMLA to care for the parent. Any employee can request FMLA regardless of if the child had nothing to do at all with the biological parent.

The FMLA provides the employee with up to a maximum of twelve weeks of un-paid, job-protected leave for one of the following reasons: Care of a spouse, daughter, son or parent with serious health conditions Due to an employee's inability to work due to a serious health condition Placement of a child for adoption or foster care The birth and care of a newborn…… [Read More].

Language Teaching and Learning in. As an analytic method it varies from the syntactic syllabus in simliar way as the practical and procedure syllabi, particularly in the supposition that the learner learns best when using language to converse about something. TBLT also is different from the two other logical curricula in a lot of ways. It differs from the procedural syllabus in that it stresses the importance of carrying out a needs analysis prior to instruction.

Identifying likely bases of task complexity certainly is an essential precondition for making ethical choices regarding the grading and sequencing of functions, upon which many of the worth of the TBLT will rest.

Grading and sequencing of pedagogic errands is certainly a chief test for the task-based syllabus creators. Principles and features of task-based language teaching. Prabhu's observations, stated at the beginning of the project, guide to the first belief of task-based interaction that "language is a basically just…… [Read More]. Regional magnets for foreign direct investment.

Retrieved March 13, at http: The increasingly unsustainable costs of medical care III. The increasing demand for efficiency, accountability and quality by healthcare training organizations, regulators, employers, the public, commercial payers and accredited bodies. Healthcare premiums have become affordable. This is due to reductions in unnecessary diagnosis, administrative costs, unproven methods of treatment and additional inefficiencies in healthcare delivery system.

Healthcare Landscape protects families from bankruptcy in case of catastrophic illness. Healthcare delivery system provides standardized care grounded on evidence-based principles. This has improved the safety of patients while minimizing variability from institution to institution or doctor to doctor.

The use of health information technology and electronic health records to track outcomes, develop patient databanks. Measuring the effectiveness of medical interventions and identify complications have catalyzed and provided incentives for such care. Works Cited Chirikov, V. Differentiating autonomy from individualism and independence. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84 1 , The Social Psychology of Noise.

Handbook of Self-Determination Research. University of Rochester Press. Self-Determination theory and Work Motivation. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 26 4 , Oil, Transition and Security in Central Asia. Retrieved July 8, , from Questia database: Development, Litigation, and Regulation.

References Rapoport, David C. Columbia University Press, The Origins of an Asian Democracy. The Background of Indian Nationalism. Digitheque de materiaux juridiques et politiques. Airplane flying handbook, New York: Dennett does not moralize in this article about the nature of the AI "being.

For a computer to become intelligent, it must move from acting solely on programming facts to make decisions based on intuition intent from past-experience combined with new stimuli.

Dennett does not, however, believe that this is viable because he is "unable to determine with any accuracy what information and goals the computer has, or if the information and goals I take to be given do not dictate any one best [action]" Dennett, p.

The Journal of Philosophy. India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Dispute: On Regional Conflict and Its Resolution. Sources of data gathering a Direct observation This method involves the strategic noting and transcription of events, behavioral characteristics, and artifacts within the social layout chosen for the feasibility study. Such recording is done in detail giving concrete and nonjudgmental descriptions, and the observational record is referred to as field notes.

Observation ranges from highly structured and is documented notation of doings structured through listings to form concrete holistic description of behavior and events.

Classroom studies are one example of observation. Consequentially, observation paves way for the provision of more pertinent questions in subsequent interviews while at research settings. Reference Mintel finds fewer Americans interested in going "green" during recession. If you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email Send.

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Determination: the ability to strive for something no matter how difficult it may be to achieve. Determination is among the most important traits a person can bear. With determination comes strong will, optimism and a good set of priorities.

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Powerful Essays words | (5 pages) | Preview Determination of Molecular Weight of a Protein by Gel Filtration - Introduction Purification of proteins is an essential technique that provides biochemists with the ability to obtain a sample that contains a specific protein of interest.

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Essay on Determination It is true what they say about how ability is less important than determination. Determination takes pride, ambition, aspiration, and strength. Determination is pursuing a goal with energy and focus. It keeps us firmly centered on a chosen purpose. It is the tool we use to keep defeat from becoming permanent.

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Centre for Language Study Pre-Sessional Course A WRITING TASK 4: Assessed Essay WRITING TASK 4 is your assessed essay and you will need to write an essay of words. This is the same length as the essay in WRITING TASK 3. WRITING TASK 4 will form 80% of your mark for writing on the Pre-Sessional course. % FREE Papers on Determination essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college.