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Factors of customer satisfaction on services

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

❶How to find out what people really think.

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The most comprehensive definition of satisfaction has been offered by Kotler and Keller who define satisfaction as “person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment which resulted from comparing a product’s perceived performance or outcome against his/ her expectations” (Kotler and Keller, , p).

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CDV is the difference between Total Customer Value and Total Customer Cost. Total Customer Value is the bundle of benefit customers expect from a product/ service. Total Customer Cost is the bundle of cost customer expect to incur in evaluating/ obtaining of using product or services.

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Chapter 5 Kotler Customer value, Satisfaction and Loyalty 1. Chapter 5Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty Mark Angelo Reyes MARKMA. Brand loyalty. Loyalty is a direct measure of how willing customers are to stick to a brand. Therefore Aaker argues the price premium as the basic indicator for brand loyalty and the single best measurement of brand equity. Loyal customers prevent entry of potential competitors and lower the treat of substitutes.

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Philip Kotler defined customer satisfaction as benefits – costs + competitive advantage = customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction directly ties into a customer retention definition. Decisively, our customer loyalty definition is a customer’s brand dedication because of the consistent and repeated satisfaction the brand delivers. Dr Philip Kotler Refines the Theory of Marketing. Posted on April 4, by Rajiv In his earlier definition he mentioned that “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.” He also defined Customer.