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GCSE Romeo and Juliet Coursework, please help?

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Romeo and Juliet commit suicide; the Prince asks the two families to reconcile. The Chorus describes the parents' 'ancient grudge' which is the catalyst for the death of their children. Lord Capulet approves Paris's request to ask Juliet to marry him. Lord and Lady Capulet tell Juliet of their arrangements for her to marry Paris. Romeo and Juliet commit suicide; the parents are faced with the consequences of their ancient feud.

The Chorus describes the lovers as 'star-crossed'. Act 1 Scene 4: As he goes to the Capulets' ball, Romeo tells of a dream he has had.

How far do you agree with this statement both in this scene and elsewhere in the play? Thanks for your help! Kayleigh Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Kayleigh. Follow 2 Get reading the book and find bits where he seems to be concerned and bits where he isnt and show arguments for and against! Follow 3 Hi thanks for your help. Any more help please? Follow 4 Do you have to do that one or did you chose it because we was allowed to chose ours and i did one on the Nurse which was pretty easy.

Follow 5 Follow 6 Follow 7 The other 2 are as follows, remember I still have to choose one of these: A lot of 'Romeo and Juliet' relies on the idea of love at first sight. How is this idea expressed in Romeo's language? What do these scenes and John Clare's poem 'First Love' suggest about love at first sight? Focusing on the meeting of 'Romeo and Juliet' and the idea of love at first sight compare the play with Luhrmann ans Zefferelli's film versions.

Do you agree with the portrayal of the characters, direction and setting? This scene is changed in the film so that the line is split between two Montagues, and instead used to show not everyone wants to fight, presenting fate as more chance. Due to recklessness, chance, and ill-fated choices, fate is allowed to succeed. In the script he speaks this line to Benvolio, in the film adaptation Romeo writes this in a diary, with his non-diegetic voice reading it for the audience.

The secrecy created here heightens the danger as no-one else will understand his situation later on meaning he is isolated. There are numerous warnings of fate in the play; all are ignored.

Before the Capulet party, Romeo senses fate presence and he will be bound to it after that night. Luhrmann heightens the significance of this line by fading out non-diegetic sound and having Romeo look at the starts, which as supposedly commanding his destiny. Fate is a punishment; the fatal consequences in the play are inevitable because of the characters choices and actions.

The high angle shots give the impression that they are being watched and show fate looking down at them, pulling the strings and driving Romeo to kill Tybalt. All the main characters in Rome and Juliet are aware the role fate plays in their lives, and it is used as an excuse by characters when they make mistakes. The impression is given that he has an instinct that his plan is failing. Fate is presented as a conscious being.

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GCSE Coursework – Romeo and Juliet coursework. Love and hate are the two main themes in this play. These two themes are the complete opposite to each other.

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Jan 21,  · I have coursework set on romeo and juliet. Out of these three questions, which would you choose.. * In what ways might Romeo and Juliet be said to be less mature than Juliet? OR * Compare and Contrast the characters of Tybalt and Mercutio. OR * Over the years critics and audiences have argued about who was most to blame .

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Aleena AamirRomeo and Juliet How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet in order to make it such Romeo and Juliette coursework GCSE Search Search. Tough GCSE topics broken down and explained by out team of expert teachers. Learn more. romeo and juliet coursework. Extracts from this document Introduction. In this essay I have examined the six types of love throughout Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare; the types of love are love at first sight, unrequited love, and ideal love.

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Essay on Romeo and Juliet- Gcse Level Romeo and Juliet essay In Romeo and Juliet we learn how Shakespeare uses vivid language to build character and depth in their roles. Shakespeare was a poet, playwright and an actor with a great love for language. Romeo and Juliet Coursework I believe that he is fickle and blinded by his unrequited love for Rosaline, which is discussed by Montague and Benvolio shortly after the fray. They discuss his recent behaviour; Romeo has been hanging about 'the grove of sycamores' in the early mornings, which is a pun on sick-amour (love sick).