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edward jenner homework help

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(–). For centuries smallpox was a scourge. The dread disease killed or left weakness and hideous scars. When late in the 18th century Edward Jenner, a young physician, startled the medical profession by claiming that people who had had cowpox would not get smallpox, his theory was scorned. After many years, however, doctors began using Jenner’s method, based upon his theory, of.

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Edward Jenner was an English country doctor who pioneered vaccination. Jenner's discovery in that inoculation with cowpox gave immunity to smallpox, was an immense medical breakthrough and has saved countless lives.

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Edward Jenner Homework Help Get homework help at http Write a minimum word proposal on Edward Jenner, the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and bisnesila.tkied Academic Help. Edward Jenner was the first person to show how to inoculate safely against a deadly disease like smallpox. Edward was a village doctor when an epidemic of small pox broke out in in England.

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Edward Jenner was a very famous English scientist whose name has gone down in medical history. Edward Jenner was responsible for discovering the world's first-ever vaccine and his work saved so many lives – in fact Jenner's work is said to have saved more lives than the work of any other human! HOW DID EDWARD JENNER DISCOVER Get an answer for What did Edward Jenner do and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotesEdward Jenner, detail of an oil painting by James Northcote, , in the National Portrait Gallery, do homework Edward Jenner Homework Help doctoral dissertation assistance requirements.